delicious garlic chili sauce with apple cider vinegar

How to make garlic chili sauce using apple cider vinegar


homemade garlic chili sauce


Years ago I had seen many types of chili sauces being made on TV shows from Nik Michale Imran’s shows to Gary Mehigan Chili Sauce recipes. I wondered if I could make a chilli sauce as delicious as theirs. After years of trials, errors and failures, yesterday morning as I got out of bed I had an eureka moment. All those ideas just clicked together into a vision of an awesome God’s gift. A miracle of miracles. The splendor of the culinary universe robed in red.

making good quality chili powder with a delonghi grinder

How to make chili powder from dried chilies

hot genuine chili powder

I was truly fed up with the chili powders sold in the Malaysian supermarkets. Most of they were bland and appeared to be filled with red colouring. I did not know whether the red coloring was natural to the chili or was added later in the manufacturing process. One day, I told myself “enough was enough” and tried to make my own chili powder.

healthy delicious coconut milk santan coffee

Coconut milk or santan coffee

santan coffee

Santan coffee is really really delicious

chia seed santan coconut milk cherry fruit pudding

chia seed santan cherry pudding

chia seed santan cherry pudding
Chia seeds are high in fiber and are good for health. Here I have made a chia seed santan cherry pudding.

increase metabolic rate with raw garlic and virgin coconut oil

Raw garlic can increase your metabolic rate

raw garlic
I love eating garlic, in fact I love the aroma of garlic wafting through the kitchen. Its a wonder that the Lord God made such a wonderful herb. It protects us from viruses, bacteria, fungi and others. There are other properties such as increasing your metabolic rate.

simple slow cooking pork soup recipe

Simple pork soup

simple pork soup meat
I was one of those days when I decided to go back to basics to make a pork soup with the minimal of ingredients.

high fiber orange juice with bioflavonoids and pectin diet

High fiber orange juice

I never thought the day would come when I would be making orange juice everyday. I was looking for a low cost high fiber drink and I hit upon the idea of juicing oranges.

easy way to mash hard boiled eggs

mashed hard boiled eggs

a bowl of mashed hard boiled eggs
I never thought that the day would come when I would be eating two boiled eggs for breakfast everyday. As a result I thought that there must be an easier way to mash the eggs.

no fly zone

Flies are everywhere in Malaysia

flies on fish at the market


I went to Puchong, amid the low cost flats, to find that shop that had all those flies on the beef slabs.

milling organic flour from wheat berries at the white brick oven

Milling organic wheat flour at the White Brick Oven

Mustaffa's stone mill for grinding organic wheat flour

Mustaffa’s stone mill

It was one of those days when I was in a panic as I had been testing out various flours and found that most of them had many additives in order to ‘improve’ the wheat flour. I am an amateur baker and had spent many months trying to find out why some batches of flour had wonderful aroma and taste, some had no aroma, some had a stink (probably stored wrongly) and some batches had no flavor.