Live band at marks place pub and bistro in kelana jaya

Live band at Mark’s Place Pub and Bistro in Kelana Jaya,  Malaysia

live band at Mark's Place Kelana Jaya pub and bistroLive band at Mark’s Place

I never thought that a live band in Malaysia could be really good until a friend of mine took me to Mark’s Place, at Plaza Kelana Jaya, in Kelana Jaya, PJ. I didn’t come there for the live band and it was by accident we were there at the right time and day or should I say evening.


We had been looking at properties, as real estate agents, and after a long day decide to pass the time at Mark’s Place which is a pub and bistro. My friend, who lives in Ampang, brought me here and, as usual, I did not know this pub existed right next to my mom’s house.





Those days, there were six or seven pubs which were within five minutes walking distance from my mom’s house. So in my younger days I literally pub crawled through all six of them and some how managed to crawl back home. Only one of them had a live band but I rarely went there as the beers were too dark and the music even darker. It was at one of these pubs where I invented my “Two Moons Theorem” that states that if you see two moons in the night sky it is time to go home. I do love to sit and fulfill my share of stupor if the music settles me down so you can imagine how I felt when this band began playing just as we were planning to leave. I told my friend for the sake of this band lets have one more for the road so that we could listen to the live band. That one more become two then three then … the live band was really good.


Memories from a live band

The live band with their melodious oldies brought back memories of the good old students days in England. Being an Engineering student I didn’t have much time for socialising and reserved Friday nights for the pub. We, my friends and I from Hong Kong, Singapore, England, Middle East, Africa, Europe, would meet up at the student lounge, our local. Those were the days when I become acquainted with Kenny Rogers, Glen Campbell, John Denver, Diana Ross, Santana, The Carpenters, The Bee Gees, Old Blue Eyes, Shirley Bassy, The Eagles & Hotel California,  …  We would drink until kingdom come and my kingdom was only three pints away. We would get sloshed … in the snow walking back home to our tiny bedsitters, so when I returned to Malaysia, I learned how to drink properly, really properly.


That live band brought back memories of Cornish pasty … actually the cafeteria and I guess the love of Cornish pasty, tweaked my interest in baking bread and pastry, … how can a live band do all that?



Mark’s Place Pub and Bistro with a live band

live band at Mark's Place at Plaza Kelana Jaya pub bistro Irish beer

















There were the usual larger’s like Carlsberg, Tiger, Anchor and Guinness Stout but we had the Kilkenny Irish Cream Ale – beer to Malaysians. There are a few Irish pubs in Klang Valley, in Bangsar and Sri Hartmas. This one was more of a cross between a modern American style bar and a quaint English style pub. The live band is at the end of the hall at the back. If you find the music too loud you could always sit at the open air veranda, serenaded by the live band and watch the stars twinkle … and the two moons rising.



Mark’s Place address and location map

Mark's Place location map beer live band


Mark’s Place is at Unit 01-01 & 02-02 Block B, Jalan SS7/13A, Plaza Kelana Jaya, 47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor D.E. Tel: 03-7873 6771.

I must tell you there is plenty of car parking space so don’t worry about not finding a place to park your car.









Do check out the live band, its Rapsody (the Kilkenny may have affected my hearing and the camera shook) and you will love their music. Their singing was superb without any false American accent or Malaysian slang. The songs came crisp and clear, the music was just beautiful and melodious. They perform on alternate Fridays and its worth every keg of Kilkenny you down. Check into Hotel California and you will never leave.


This article live band at Marks Place pub and bistro in kelana jaya was researched and written by Peter Achutha






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