Meaning and pronunciation of YHWH the Name of God

YHWH pronunciation and meaning

YHWM the hidden meaning and pronunciation of the name of the Lord GodDoes the name of our Lord God, YHWH, have a hidden meaning? I believe YHWH has a hidden meaning. This is really a beautiful name of our Lord God, once you understand the hidden meaning of YHWH. I have wondered about the origins of a name and mysteries behind the meaning of a name, and found out that many names have hidden meanings.

Pronunciation of YHWH hidden from the Jewish people

The pronunciation of YHWH was hidden from the ancient Jewish people and they were prohibited from pronouncing YHWH out aloud. My guess is that the name YHWH was too scared to be pronounced out aloud. I would dare to guess that they were afraid of calling their Lord God YHWH out aloud as He may appear in front of them and hence they would be punished for calling Him in vain.

But a more realistic reason would be that they did not want to mispronounce his name and earn his wrath. It would be like someone calling me Pet Ter, Pet as in animal and Ter as in terrain, instead of Peter, and that would sound like ‘pet ter’ which rhymes with ‘better’. Then people would associate my job functions as petting pets and other animals. … No way will I allow that.

On the other hand it could be that the Jewish people could not understand the Name of God, YHWH and hence were not allowed to pronounce YHWH out aloud.


The meaning of a name


Let me quote Judges 13: 15 – 24
Manoah said to the angel of the Lord, “We would like you to stay until we prepare a young goat for you.” The angel of the Lord replied, “Even though you detain me, I will not eat any of your food. But if you prepare a burnt offering, offer it to the Lord.” (Manoah did not realize that it was the angel of the Lord.)

Then Manoah inquired of the angel of the Lord, “What is your name, so that we may honor you when your word comes true?” He replied, “Why do you ask my name? It is beyond understanding.” Then Manoah took a young goat, together with the grain offering, and sacrificed it on a rock to the Lord.

And the Lord did an amazing thing while Manoah and his wife watched: As the flame blazed up from the altar toward heaven, the angel of the Lord ascended in the flame. Seeing this, Manoah and his wife fell with their faces to the ground. When the angel of the Lord did not show himself again to Manoah and his wife, Manoah realized that it was the angel of the Lord.

“We are doomed to die!” he said to his wife. “We have seen God!” But his wife answered, “If the Lord had meant to kill us, he would not have accepted a burnt offering and grain offering from our hands, nor shown us all these things or now told us this.” The woman gave birth to a boy and named him Samson. He grew and the Lord blessed him, and the Spirit of the Lord began to stir him while he was in Mahaneh Dan, between Zorah and Eshtaol.



Just for your information Manoah and Samson lived about 3100 years ago.  Just Google for “archaeology of Samson in the bible” and you will find many interesting articles.

Even Manoah the father of Samson was told “Why do you ask my name? It is beyond understanding.” Just imagine that, the angel’s name had a meaning. Would not the Lord God’s name, YHWH, have a meaning, too? I believe YHWH does have a hidden meaning and I will reveal it to you soon.



The meaning of YHWH

The meaning of the name YHWH is “I am that I am”. How else would the Lord God, YHWH, describe himself to lesser beings who could not fathom him? We mankind, the lesser beings, do not know what he, YHWH, looks like, do not know what he sounds like, have never been to his home, do not understand his thoughts nor can we read his mind.

It’s like that thing XGVG.

Have you heard of XGVG? Do you know anything about XGVG? Where is XGVG? What color is XGVG? Can XGVG talk to you? None of us know anything about XGVG so how do we describe XGVG? Now that I have told you XGVG does exist, you know that you do not know anything about XGVG.

How does your mind grasp something you do not know, something incomprehensible?

My guess is that the first thing you would try is to attach a label to XGVG. Actually, we have already done that – the label is XGVG. Using the label you would then try to say XGVG is this or XGVG is that. Unfortunately, you cannot describe the Lord God YHWH in bits and pieces or else you will break him down to many gods!



Blessing of our Lord YHWH

Some years back I received a double blessing of the Lord God YHWH. I was working in a den of vipers where everything my bosses and their staff told me was a lie, a con, a cheat, a gimmick. They lied at every step, every day, without mercy. They claimed to be Christians but there was not one iota of truth, not one iota of Christ in them. It was a terribly difficult period for me. I just could not live in such an environment and was stuck and could not get out. Let the Lord’s Judgment fall on these wicked people. Later, the Lord God gave me a double blessing, see the two circular or ring rainbows in the hot afternoon sky. This was the year of the Lord’s Blessing when I discovered the meaning of the name YHWH.

Double Blessing of the Lord God YHWH hidden meaning

















Four years later I am revealing what I know of YHWH.



The origin of the Name YHWH was older than the Jewish people, archaeologically speaking


The Lord God YHWH had a plan. A plan he began more than 4000 years ago before the Order of Melchizedek or Malki Tzedek (King of Salem. The dating varies from 8000 years ago to 3000 years ago) which could mean “My King of Righteousness”. Melchizedek lived around the 19th century BC.

In fact if you carry out your own research on the name YHWH you will find out that this name, YHWH, predates Abraham. Some authors even go as far as to suggest that the origin of the name YHWH may lie in the Indus Valley.

More likely there were a group of people who believed in one almighty God and another group who worshiped many lesser gods. If that is the case than we can assume the work of the Lord God YHWH to bring all mankind under his wing is very much older than previously thought. It is older than the Jewish faith and was a common belief among some groups of non-Jews like Melchizedek. Some researchers place Melchizedek as a Canaanite and others place him as an Amorite. Both peoples may not be considered of Jewish stock. I have not done sufficient reading of other researcher’s works but they say Mechizedek was the King of Salem and Salem is now known as Jerusalem (JERU  SALEM?)


If the Name of God, YHWH, predates the Jewish people than there could be archaeological evidence of this name, YHWH, among the non-Jewish people.


Pronunciation of the Name of God, YHWH

Well it was just impossible for the ancient Jewish people to understand the hidden meaning of his name as the Lord God YHWH was creating a plan for the nations to come. The hidden meaning could not be explained without the creation of a new language and a new nation. I believe that the Lord God had a plan to create a new language that would explain the hidden meaning of YHWH. This language would come in to mass use near the end times.

I quote Wikipedia,, “The term tetragrammaton (from Greek τετραγράμματον, meaning “four letters”)[1][2] refers to the Hebrew theonym (Hebrew: יהוה) transliterated to the Latin letters YHWH. It is derived from a verb that means “to be”,[1] and is considered in Judaism to be a proper name of the God of Israel used in the Hebrew Bible.”

Watch the videos.


This video on YHWH is on YouTube




This video on YHWH is on YouTube



If you had watched the videos you would notice that they had used Yah Hud Vah Hud but they could have used Yah Hud Wah Hud as the pronunciation of YHWH. The W sound was interchangeable with V sound as shown in the video.



A history of languages

If you had watched the videos you would notice that no one really knows how a language was pronounced during ancient times. In ancient times there was no instrument for recording any sounds, let alone YHWH. There were no tape recorders, no CD, no gramophones … Our earliest clues to pronunciations are provided when we compare the sounds of known pronunciations of ancient languages that refer to unknown pronunciations of other languages. And even these can be ambiguous at best.


I quote Wikipedia on the Jewish language “Jewish languages are the various languages and dialects that developed in Jewish communities around the world. Although Hebrew was the daily speech of the Jewish people for centuries, by the fifth century BCE, the closely related Aramaic joined Hebrew as the spoken language in Judea and by the third century BCE Jews of the diaspora were speaking Greek …  Many ancient and distinct Jewish languages, including Judaeo-Georgian, Judeo-Arabic, Judeo-Berber, Krymchak and Judeo-Malayalam have largely fallen out of use due the impact of the Holocaust on European Jewry, the Jewish exodus from Arab lands, the assimilation policies of Israel in its early days and other factors. ”

And again I quote Wikipedia on the Hebrew Language, “The Gezer calendar also dates back to the 10th century BCE at the beginning of the Monarchic Period, the traditional time of the reign of David and Solomon. Classified as Archaic Biblical Hebrew, the calendar presents a list of seasons and related agricultural activities. The Gezer calendar (named after the city in whose proximity it was found) is written in an old Semitic script, akin to the Phoenician one that through the Greeks and Etruscans later became the Roman script. The Gezer calendar is written without any vowels, and it does not use consonants to imply vowels even in the places where later Hebrew spelling requires it.”

Here you will notice that that the Gezer calendar was written without any vowels. That puts an end to any explanation of the name YHWH was not spelt with vowels to prevent people from pronouncing it.



Is the Jewish language still pronounced as it was before Abraham’s time?



History of the English language

Let us look at the English language and how it has changed over the centuries. Really, it has changed a lot over a very short time. I refer to the English Club on a summary of the English Language history,  to show you how much the English language has changed. This change has been well documented.


The English language really started with the invasion of England by the Germanic tribes in the 5th century AD. Old English was spoken between 450 AD to 1100 AD. You would not understand Old English even if you heard it. Middle English was spoken between 1100 to 1500 AD. Middle English had many words of French origin.

I quote the English Club website “Towards the end of Middle English, a sudden and distinct change in pronunciation (the Great Vowel Shift) started, with vowels being pronounced shorter and shorter. From the 16th century the British had contact with many peoples from around the world.”   You would probably not recognize it as English if someone spoke to you in Middle English.

Modern English began around 1500. Early Modern English was spoken between 1500 to 1800 AD. Late Modern English is what we speak today.



You can see how fast a language can change itself and its pronunciation.



The meaning and the pronunciation of YHWH

I believe that the pronunciation of the Name of our Lord God, “YHWH” is Yah Hud Wah Hud or “Your Way”. The meaning becomes self-evident.  We are to humble ourselves before the Lord God YHWH and do it His Way. That is why during the End Times we are to address the Lord YHWH as Lord Your Way. His way, his plan, not our way, not our plan. All are welcome to call upon our Lord YHWH as Lord Your Way. The Name of God, YHWH, is for all of His creation, every man, woman and child on this earth, to use to call him in times of praise, celebration, difficulty, hardship, suffering …



There are many non-Christians who think that Jesus Christ was a prophet. They are mightily mistaken and have interpreted the many events wrongly. Our Lord Jesus Christ is the Son of God, an Avatar of the Most High YHWH. Originally Jesus’s name was Yeshua which sounds similar to the phrase “Yes Sure”. Hence Jesus full name, as the Son of God, Son of YHWH, in these modern times is “Yes Sure Your Way”.



This article Meaning and pronunciation of YHWH the Name of God was researched and written by Peter Achutha






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