How to make liposomal vitamin c gel

Liposomal vitamin C gel


how to make liposomal vitamin c gel

In the last experiment on liposomal vitamin c I had mentioned that I would give up trying more experiments on liposomal vitamin c. But it bugged me too much that this thing called lecithin was laughing in my face … in my face. You would think that I could not be defeated my a mere blob of lecithin but I was. There it was, grinning like a Cheshire cat totally oblivious to my utter frustration at its stubbornness to behave the way I wanted it to behave.


One thing I learned during my rubber industry days was that materials unlike electronic circuits, never behave the way you want them too. With electronic circuits you can make them behave the way you want them too. Unfortunately, materials are not the same. You have to follow the behaviour of materials and not the materials follow your requirements. This was a culture shock when I moved from electronic engineering to rubber technology. Having remembered this, I took out some old stock of raw materials and decided to checkout the behaviour of lecithin.


Video on liposomal vitamin c

Just to recap for those who have not seen the liposomal vitamin c videos do read my previous articles on liposomal vitamin c and the article where I mentioned another video provided by Andrew of UK, the NZ video, on lipsomal vitamin c and do view the video as it will be educational for many of us. Click here to view the NZ video the on liposomal vitamin c.


The experiments making liposomal vitamin c

Even though I wanted to give up on making liposomal vitamin c I did change my mind and did carry out some more experiments on liposomal vitamin c. Firstly I had to understand the behaviour of lecithin and I blended 150g of raw lecithin with 150g of water. Lecithin acts as a emulsifier so it should help mix water and oil into a cream like emulsion. When we are making liposomal vitamin c we are not adding any oil, just mixing lecithin with vitamin c solution. Would that make a difference to our liposomal vitamin c?


my experiment












As you can see from the picture raw lecithin is dark brown and contains about 30% soy bean oil. Raw lecithin is also very sticky and gluey and has a raw flour flavour. I don’t think you should make liposomal vitamin c with raw lecithin as it contains 30% soy oil and you do not want that to get into your blood stream.



before mixing raw lecithin












Here is a clearer picture. This picture shows raw lecithin and water. Without stirring they will not mix. It does require some mechanical agitation to get them to mix together and that is where the blender comes in. Mixing by hand would be too laborious.



after mixing raw lecithin












During the initial few seconds of mixing, it appeared that they would not mix into a cream like emulsion but I let the blender keep mixing.



mixed raw lecithin












After 3 minutes of mixing it looked like an emulsion. This was the first clue as to why my liposomal vitmain c was leaking. The shine is from the oil present in the raw lecithin.



how to make liposomal vitamin c gel












I refrigerated the raw lecithin water mixture and you can see that the oil has solidified. You can see that it is a thick cream too as the folds in the mixture did not settle down into a flat surface during the over night refrigeration.



Liposomal Vitamin C gel processing


It appears that when I was making liposomal vitamin c I was not giving enough time to mix it properly. In this experiment I decided to give it more mixing time.


Liposomal Vitamin C recipe
Vitamin C solution
Item Ingredients Percentage Weight Weight
(%) (g) oz.
1 Vitamin C powder 100 20 0.704
2 Water 800 160 5.632
Total 180 6.336
Lecithin jelly recipe for steaming
Item Ingredients Percentage Weight Weight
(%) (g) oz.
1 Lecithin granules 67 120 4.224
2 Water for lecithin 45 81
Total 201


The liposomal vitamin c recipe is divided into two parts, the vitamin c solution and the lecithin jelly recipe. Vitamin C solution is calculated as every part of vitamin c you add eight parts water. That is for every 1 gram of vitamin c you add 8 grams of water. This makes an almost saturated vitamin c solution. We make lecithin jelly as lecithin granules need to be hydrated. You could leave the lecithin granules soaking in water or vitamin c solution for a few hours. If you have been experimenting with lecithin granules soaked in water you will notice that they turn dark brown if left to soak overnight. This dark brown is more like the color of raw lecithin. The steaming is to denature the soy proteins present in the lecithin granules. It is the soy proteins that give a mild allergic reaction and not everyone suffers from the allergic reaction. I do suffer from the allergic reaction so I need to steam the lecithin. Steaming also knocks off the horrid smell in the liposomal vitamin c. The lecithin jelly recipe calls for some water added. This is because it takes about an hour of steaming to denature the soy proteins, and in that time we could re-hydrate the lecithin granules. Killing two birds with one stone.



 how to make liposomal vitamin c gel












It is easy to make mistakes if you are not paying attention. I just took my eyes off the steamer for a few seconds (…actually more than an hour) and the steamer ran out of water and overheated the lecithin. You can observe that it got too hot and the lecithin burnt. Not the best way to begin making liposomal vitamin c.



li08bl08steamer how to make liposomal vitamin c gel












This was the second batch of lecithin granules I had to steam. Do make sure that there is sufficient water and not too much steam leaks out or you will end up with a black liposomal vitmain c.




li08bl09blender how to make liposomal vitamin c gel
















After steaming the lecithin granules let it cool down to room temperature. Don’t be in a hurry to make liposomal vitamin c. Do not mix the hot lecithin granules with the vitamin c solution or the vitamin c will be destroyed. In the picture you will see the lecithin jelly and the vitamin c solution in the blender. I am showing you my blender so that you will notice that there is a speed dial with a variable speed. I used the slowest speed for this experiment of liposomal vitamin c. For those of you who have not read any of my previous experiments on liposomal vitamin c let me explain that I called the hydrated lecithin granules as lecithin jelly as it appears to be like a jelly.




li08bl10blend6minutes how to make liposomal vitamin c gel












As you can observe from the picture the liposomal vitamin c to be, looks like a cream. I managed to get this by blending for 6 minutes at the slowest speed. It still was a bit rough when I poured it out which means you could blend it a little longer. When you first begin to blend the lower portion would mix and the top will not mix. Switch off the mixer and use a plastic (breakable) spoon or spatula to stir the lecithin around and to dislodge it from the sides and the top. Switch on the blender and blend at the slowest speed possible. As the liposomal vitmain c thickens you will here the blender motor speed change. If you blend at high speeds you may encounter two different problems. Firstly, the mix might rise a little and the blades will spin without hitting anything. Secondly, the shear forces when blending can be quite high and cause the lecithin vitamin c solution to rise in temperature. It it gets too hot the vitamin c will be destroyed. Switch off and let the liposomal vitmanin c to cool before carrying on blending. Thirdly, watch you blender motor temperature. Many blender manuals instruct you not to blend for more than 3 minutes or the motor may over heat. My does say that but I ran it without problems for 6 minutes.




li08bl11pourgel how to make liposomal vitamin c gel












The final result was really thick and stiff liposomal vitamin c but it will soften later. Pour it out into the ultrasonic mixer. You will notice that the liposomal vitamin c does look a bit rough.




li08bl12beforeultrasonic how to make liposomal vitamin c gel
















Look at the liposomal vitmain c with all its folds just before ultrasonic mixing.




li08bl13afterultrasonic how to make liposomal vitamin c gel
















After ultrasonic mixing the liposomal vitamin c looks a little darker brown and somehow it still has its folds. Normally, if the liposomal vitamin c mixture was a little more watery you would see air bubbles on the surface after ultrasonic mixing. Here you do not see any air bubbles in the liposomal vitamin c. I guess this is because the mixture is too thick for the air bubbles to escape easily.




li08bl14ready how to make liposomal vitamin c gel












Once I scooped out the liposomal vitamin c out of the ultrasonic mixer into a plastic container you can see the air bubbles escaping – the foam. It did not taste sour or rather there was a faint sour taste. This could mean that most of the vitmain c in the liposomal vitamin c has been encapsulated by the lecithin.




li08bl15nextday how to make liposomal vitamin c gel












The next day the liposomal vitamin c turned darker brown. I would guess that the lecithin is still re-hydrating. I gulped almost a third of this at night before sleeping. 100g to be exact from the final amount of 381g. Which means I had about 20g vitamin c x 100g/381g = 5.2g f vitamin c. There was a slight urge to purge about two hours later indicating that either the amount I took was too much or there was some vitamin c not encapsulated by the lecithin. But my 4 am I my toes felt very clean which means something was working properly.


I call this liposomal vitamin c gel as it is quite thick. This liposomal vitmain c does soften with time and lose its pasty texture. My next experiment would be to re-make the oregano liposomal vitamin c and hope that is more potent.



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