This blog was started in order to celebrate life, and as the blog was developed many topics began to surface that showed that life could be celebrated in a variety of ways.

The author is a self employed Computer Engineer, Rubber Technologist and an Economist. Yes, he did spend many years studying, on his own, with his own funds. Now he runs a small company called Peter Publishing and has published two books. The first book is “Market Theories & Predicting the Stock Market by Visual Inspection”. This took him more than 18 years to research and write and this book covers an alternative theory to Economics which is not dependent on current concepts of Demand & Supply but uses Probability Theory to explain Demand and then makes predictions as to how markets will behave over the next few years. Yes, during the height of the 2008/2009 World Financial Crisis (The Recession), when everyone was predicting doom and gloom, he was predicting that commodity prices would rise in 2011.

The second book is “Perfect Love & Other Stories” which is now available. This a collection of 19 short stories for young & old adults. The stories cover love & romance, horror, science fiction, ghost stories,….. he promises you that you will not put the book down. (Click on “Books & Newsletters” on the right)

The author has worked in many industries and spent many years developing new technologies. He was a Senior Design Engineer in the American Semiconductor Industry developing light industrial robotics when he invented a general theorem for parallel processing called “Finite Event Analysis” which resulted in a new software architecture for Real Time Machine Control. He then worked on Natural and Synthetic Polymers and developed interesting products with them.

His most extensive research, spread over 18 years, has been in formulating a General Theory of Economics, M(z) = W(z) + I(z) + N(z), that can predict consumer markets, stock markets, commodity markets and Forex movements. He was awarded a Doctorate in Economics for this research work. There are some anecdotes at http://bachutha.com/how-to-predict-stocks-and-commodities-like-gold-silver-coffee-sugar-wheat/ . Over the years he has written to many governments, Prime Ministers and Presidents in order to help their economies. If you were fortunate enough to read any of his letters to the Prime Minister of Malaysia during the 1998 Asian Financial Crisis you would realise that he was the one who introduced the concept of the ‘Real Economy’ which is now used by almost everyone around the world. That says a lot about how far his theories have spread around the globe.

Best Regards,

Dr. Peter Achutha
B.Sc.(Hons),DPRIM, Ph.D.

Want to know about how to predict, months or even years into the future of the stock market trends and commodity trends like gold, silver, coffee, palm oil, soy bean, rubber, rice,….? go to http://www.drpetersnews.com.

I have two articles for those who are interested in silver and gold price movement prediction. The silver price prediction article is at http://www.drpetersnews.com/approximate-silver-price-trend-prediction-chart-june-sept-2011.html. The gold price forecast article is at http://www.drpetersnews.com/gold-price-forecast-2011-2015.html (-21st July 2011)

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– 5 January 2013

I get about 60 to 70 Viagra advertisers posting on my blog every day which I trash regularly. I guess Viagra looks like becoming a failed product, if not these advertisers would not be that desperate to get customers. One of these days, if I have the time to research it carefully, I will tell you more of other stuff that are far superior to Viagra. I heard of a case in Singapore where this guy took Viagra and his tool wouldn’t come down for days and was admitted to hospital. The doctors tried to bleed the vein that got him erected and now it’s a mess, wrong treatment, he is down for good. So do be very careful if you are considering Viagra as it is dangerous without prescription. See your doctor first before getting any Viagra. Try stuff like Ginseng, Tongkat Ali, even lecithin may have a slower but longer term  remedial effect – I don’t know, consult your doctor. (9th July 2011)


If you would like to read articles on economics, business, finance, investing … etc I have just started a new blog at http://www.drpetersnews.com/blog-news-and-articles.html (6 July 2011)




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