How to make oregano liposomal vitamin c

Liposomal vitamin C with dried oregano herbs


how to make oregano liposomal vitamin cI had being carrying out many experiments on ways to make liposomal vitamin c and when one of my readers, Amaranatho the Buddhist Monk, asked me how to make it with oregano I had to jump at the idea. The thought of using oregano to make liposomal vitamin c was brilliant as I knew oregano had many herbal properties  as it has good anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.

Do be careful when using high dosages of oregano as some people are allergic to it and could have side effects please read the article at this link. And do be careful if you are trying to use oregano oil as it BURNS LIKE HELL.

Here’s to oregano liposomal vitamin c….




Video on liposomal vitamin c

Just to recap for those who have not seen the liposomal vitamin c videos do read my previous articles on liposomal vitamin c and the article where I mentioned another video provided by Andrew of UK, the NZ video, on lipsomal vitamin c and do view the video as it will be educational for many of us. Click here to view the NZ video the on liposomal vitamin c.


The experiments making liposomal vitamin c with oregano herbs

Over the last few weeks I had carried out many experiments, making and consuming, lipsomal vitamin c with dried oregano herbs. Unfortunately I ran into several problems. The worst was how quickly the vitamin c solution separated out of the oregano liposomal vitamin c.


The Oregano lecithin blend recipe

Oregano Lecithin Recipe
Item Ingredients Percentage Weight Weight
(%) (g) oz.
1 Soy Lecithin Granules 100 60 2.112
2 Dried Oregano herbs 10 6 0.2112
3 Water 110 66 2.3232

The dried herbs do absorb a lot of water.




oreganovitamincfresh oregano slush












This is freshly made which I called oregano slush and the picture below shows you what it looks like 3 days later.




oregano slush












Three days later the oregano liposomal vitamin c looked like oregano mush and water (vitamin c solution).


The first time I tried oregano and liposomal vitmain c blend I had a fantastic ‘healing’ of my skin. I do not know whether the lecithin was able to ultrasonic mix with the healing components in the oregano herbs but it appeared to work very nicely from my subjective point of view.  Then I tried just oregano with lecithin without the vitamin c, that is it would not be liposomal vitamin c, but it did not seem to be that effective. I had to run a few more experiments to try to reduce the vitamin c leakage in the presence of the dried oregano herbs. It appeared to me that for some reason the lecithin was attracted by the herbs and hence a higher quantity of lecithin seemed to be needed to encapsulate the vitamin c in the presence of the dried oregano herbs. So finally I decided to try to increase the amount of lecithin needed.




Two parts to the oregano liposomal vitamin c recipe


1. Liposomal vitamin c recipe


Vitamin C solution
Item Ingredients Percentage Weight Weight
(%) (g) oz.
1 Vitamin C powder 100 20 0.704
2 Water 800 160 5.632
Total 180 6.336
Lecithin for Vitamin C solution
Item Ingredients Percentage Weight Weight
(%) (g) oz.
1 Lecithin granules 67 120 4.224
2 Water for lecithin 33 60  2.112
Total 180 6.336


You will note that this time around I have written the recipe for liposomal vitamin c using vitamin c solution as the base quantity. Hence 67% of 180 g is 120g and I had used half the weight of the lecithin granules as the weight of water used to re-hydrate the lecithin granules when steaming. If you are not allergic to lecithin and can tolerate the horrible smell you do not have to steam the lecithin, just soak it in the vitamin c solution for an hour.


This means that the amount of water I am using is 8 times the weight of vitamin c powder and the amount of lecithin granules I am using is 6 times the weight of vitamin c powder to make liposomal vitamin c.



2. Oregano lecithin for oregano liposomal vitamin c recipe


Oregano Lecithin recipe
Item Ingredients Percentage Weight Weight
(%) (g) oz.
1 Lecithin granules 100 60 2.112
2 Oregano 10 6 0.2112
2 Water for lecithin 110 66 2.3232
Total 132 4.6464
Additional Vitamin c solution
Item Ingredients Percentage Weight Weight
(%) (g) oz.
1 Vitamin C powder 100 5 0.176
2 Water 800 40 1.408
Total 45 1.584


You will notice that I have additional vitamin c solution here. This is because when you put everything into the blender it is too thick to blend and the blades spin without the mixture mixing. I had to add more liquid into the blender to get it to blend and instead of adding water I decided to use vitamin c solution. Here I am using 6g of dried oregano herbs. I have tried 8g and 12g but they cause the blend to be too stick almost like paste or mortar. Furthermore I could not feel any healing effect which probably means that the lecithin was bound to the parts like the stalk and leaves of the herbs and did not become liposomal vitmain c.





Photos of the oregano liposomal vitamin C experimental results



li07bl01addwater steaming













Weigh out 120g of lecithin and add 60g of water for the steaming process to denature the allergy causing soy proteins and to re-hydrate the lecithin granules so that they will behave like lecithin. To make proper liposomal vitmain c the lecithin granules need to be re-hydrated and I am using the time spent in the steamer to rehydrate the lecithin. In this picture I had used 300g of lecithin and 150g of water as I was making extra lecithin jelly for other experiments. After steaming it it looks like jelly and that is why I call it lecithin jelly as opposed to lecithin granules.



lecithin jelly












You will notice that 50% water is insufficient as it does not cover all the lecithin. I have found that 80% to 100% water is sufficient to create lecithin jelly. This lack of sufficient water will show up later after steaming and that is why I am showing you this picture.




li07bl03oreganoherbs oregano herbs












In a different container, weigh out the oregano herbs first then add the lecithin on top. This is so that any volatiles escaping form the dried herbs will be trapped by the top layer of lecithin. Do cover the container before steaming to ensure non of the volatiles escape.




li07bl04addwateroregano cover oregano herbs












Do cover the entire oregano herbs with the lecithin than add water. The oregano herbs can absorb quite a bit of water.




li07bl05steamcovered covered during stemaing












You can observe that both the lecithin container and the oregano container is covered during steaming. Steam them for at least an hour. In this case, as I was making a large amount of lecithin jelly I had steamed it for one and a half hours to ensure all the allergy causing soy proteins in the lecithin was denatured.




li07bl06dissilvevitaminc make vitamin c solution












While waiting for the steaming operation to complete I made the vitamin c solution.




li07bl07lecithinjelly insufficient water for steaming












This is what I meant when I said that there was insufficient water for steaming in the lecithin. I should have added enough water to cover the lecithin. Here you can see the bottom layer is lecithin jelly but the top layer is still in granules form. Do note, allow both containers to cool before opening. This is especially true for the steamed oregano as you do not want the hot oregano volatiles to escape into the air.





li07bl07lecithinvcmix mix vitamin c with lecithin












I mixed the vitamin c solution (the 180g) with the steaming lecithin and allowed it to soak for half an hour. You could have put them in the blender to mix.




li07bl08blender blend
















Blend the lecithin and the vitamin c solution.




ultrasonic mix















It looks really thick. Ultrasonic mix for 10 minutes.




li07bl10ultrasonicmixedvc ultrasonic cleaning ultrasonic mixing
















It did turn slightly brownish after ultrasonic mixing.





li07bl11fororegano make spare quantity












Now I have liposomal vitamin c to spare as I had made a larger quantity then shown in the recipe. Some, an equivalent of 120g of lecithin granules ie 180g of lecithin jelly, I placed back into the blender.




li07bl12addoregano blend
















Then I added the steamed oregano and lecithin into the blender and since this was too thick and dry to mix I added the additional vitamin c solution.




li07bl13oreganojelly blending makes a thick paste
















Upon blending it behaves as a very thick paste.




li07bl14oreganojellymix ultrasonic mix
















Ultrasonic mix for ten minutes and you have oregano liposomal vitamin c.




li07bl15oreganovcmix good to eat












Oregano liposomal vitamin c is ready for consumption.  This version of oregano liposomal vitamin c does leak vitamin c out but not as quickly as the earlier experiments. As you can tell form my enthusiasm, I am still not happy with this recipe as I am trying to find a recipe for liposomal vitamin c that does not leak vitamin c.  This version of liopsomal vitamin c looks very similar to the one in the NZ video so probably I am getting closer to a better product. Do note that I am not an expert in liposomal vitmain c and just like you, I am trying to find a better method of making liposomal vitmain c.


The oregano version was really good in that on the first day on consuming it, my skin felt very clean and smooth which was a huge difference in the texture and feel of my skin.  So it must be doing something good. Furthermore, the oregano aroma completely masked the nauseousness of the lecithin  taste and smell. I ate about a third of this oregano liposomal vitamin c every night before bed. Hence this batch of oregano liposomal vitamin c lasted 3 to 4 days.


I need to try on one more experiment on liposomal vitamin c and if I cannot figure out how to stop the vitamin c from leaking out of the liposomal vitamin c, I really have to give up my experiments on liposomal vitamin c. My suggestion is that on the second and third day use a fork or spoon to mix the oregano liposomal vitamin c and ultrasonic mix it again for 10 minutes to restore the oregano liposomal vitamin c.


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