Currently two books are available from Peter Publishing. They are:-

1) Perfect Love & Other Stories

ISBN 978-983-44525-6-8

With a touch of romance, a little love and a sprinkling of compassion, life becomes a comedy of errors and not a tragedy of human folly. Love changes everything. Reading this book a third or fourth time, you will find that there are philosophical insights and troubling existential issues surfacing.

Perfect Love & Other Stories
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There are 19 light and easy reading short stories, written to, hopefully, improve the standard of English among the non-native speakers. They are true and truly Malaysian short stories, set somewhere in Malaysia & Singapore. All of them are almost true… well many parts are true … errrr … at least a few words are true.

Reading Requirements:
1)      Comfortable easy chair.
2)      A strong stomach, a warm heart and a box of tissues.
3)      Be at an age where you have personal knowledge of male and female organs … better still if you have either one of them.

Content: Fiction – Romance, Love & Hope, Science Fiction, Ghost, Horror, Horrid, Torrid & Horrible stories. (If you believe that, you will believe anything.)

2) Market Theories & Predicting the Stock Market by Visual Inspection

ISBN 978-983-44525-4-4

An Alternative Theory of Economics. The author has used probability theory and many other techniques and developed his own models of Economics to show that all markets, whether they are Stock, Commodity, Consumer … behave similarly.  He has explained and shown that hyperinflation is a different phenomena to inflation.

He provides many examples on how to predict stock markets and commodity markets with real data and predictions up to a few years into the future. Charts of Gold, Wheat, Soya Bean, Rice, Sugar, …. are included.

The book is a result of 18 years of research and introduces Group Probability Theory which tries to explains how crowds behave and why shopping complex have better sales even though there are many competitors located within close proximity of each other. One of the fundamental models is the ‘Distribution of Wealth’ which is an alternative approach to Demand and Supply.

Some of the techniques explained here are proprietary and require a small additional fee before they can be used for commercial purposes.



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