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Due to the huge amount of irrelevant comments. All comments will be deleted.

– 5 January 2013
Here are answers to many of your frequently asked questions.


1. Does the author have a Twitter or Facebook account.

No & No. I don’t know what Twitter is and I had deactivated my Facebook account a long time ago.


2. How do I subscribe to the feed.

The RSS button is on the top right of the page and uses Google’s Feedburner. Please don’t subscribe to the comments feed. Our feed is at http://feeds.feedburner.com/bachutha/NFYZ


3. I get too many comment emails from the posted comments.

Don’t subscribe to the comments feed. And don’t activate -Notify option when you post a comment. The author does not know how to deactivate the -Notify option when posting comments as he has tried it but did not see the -Notify option. If you are using a comment feed and find too many comments emailed to you try to unsubscribe to the feed and then, if you need to, subscribe back, to remove the -Notify option.


4. It takes some time for the comments posted to appear.

This is a WordPress blog and the author has to log into the administrators panel to approve the comments. The author will approve almost anything but the author has to moderate the comments before allowing them to appear in public. The comments are cleaned up, that is the following type of comments are removed.

Due to the huge amount of irrelevant comments. All comments will be deleted.

– 5 January 2013

5. Following posted comments are removed.

a. Porn links, including penis enlargement, or anything that has explicit sexual content and pictures, as older children are reading this blog.

b. Viagra and Pharma bot postings. The author gets about 60 to 70 such bot postings a day. After 30 days there would be 2100 posting per article and that makes going through and reading human posted comments impossible.

b. Bot posting. If it is a new site the author does allow one or two bot postings, as many of us are trying to improve our website ranking in Google, Bing and Yahoo. After that bot posting as sent to spam box.

c. Violence and hate links and comments. The author does not wish to promote such activities hence posted comments and links to these sites are  removed.

d. Black magic, voodoo, astrology links. The Lord God asked us to believe in Him and to Trust Him and to have faith. Why do we need to believe or trust or have faith in Him if we want to practice Black Magic, Voodoo or Astrology?

e. Political links and comments. The author believes that politics never solved anything.

f. And anything that can get the author in trouble.


6. Can I copy your website?

The simple answers is NO. Please refer to “Copy Website” page.


7. Can I reproduce one or two articles in my blog, website, forum, newsletter?

You can reproduce one or two articles to start a discussion among your visitors provided that you give the proper credits and and links back to this site.


8. Can I translate some of the articles to a different language?

The simple answer is …. there is no simple answer. Please refer to “Copy Website” and please contact me through the “Contact Us” page. I am very interested in those who want to translate these articles into a different language (not English).


9. Articles that can be reproduced or translated without requesting the author

These are the articles that you can reproduce or translate provided that the proper credits and links back to these pages are provided. No need to ask the author.

a. Temple of Doom

b. The Ten Commandments

c. Lord’s Jsutice

d. Sinner’s Prayer, the Lamb of God and the Kingdom of Heaven

e. The Year of the Lord’s Favour

f. Sin, Suffering, Sacrifice and Judgement

g. Judgement and Judgement Day

h. We must do good works like Jesus

 Recipes – Those that I think are really good and don’t need much adjustments or experimenting

a. how to make home made virgin coconut oil vco

b. how to make bread with yeast 3

c. how-to-make-almond-orange-cherry-cupcake

d. How to make Hervé This Chocolate Mousse

Please do make sure that the photos are saved in your website and are loaded from your server and not mine.

If you are self employed, a small business or need to make extra money making these recipes to sell to your friends, relatives, neighbours and customers to help you pay off your loans and earn badly needed extra income, please feel free to use any of the recipes here on this blog site, to earn that extra income and to pay of those debts. If you are a large corporation thinking you can make a lot of money with these recipes, lets discuss royalties.



10. How do you cope with hackers?

This is a serious problem. I believe hackers are ‘lost souls’ and we need to pray for their salvation because most of them are people who are looking for ‘instant gratification’ so they will never develop a longer term view of life or investments. They have a destructive personality and will never develop a creative or constructive personality like talented artist or designers. Have you met a rich hacker?  Having explained my reasoning you will find many will be living in poverty or end their lives poor. They will not be able to keep a steady job for long and will drift around in life. I guess I am giving them fair warning of where their lives are heading. Enough of the hacker personality.

Here are simple techniques that can help you.

a. Always back up you blog or website.

There is not much you can do if your website or blog is severely corrupted. This blog is a self hosted blog hence I have access to the server operating system as an administrator. I use the backup tools there to make regular back ups. My new hosting services is provided by peterpublishing.com.

b. Do have a visitor tracking software or plugin.

The advantage of visitor tracking is that you are able to see the IP addresses and their entry and or exit pages. This will give you a big clue if someone is trying to hack your site. You will see visitors accessing non existent subdirectories such as …/visa/.. or …/mastercard/.. When you see this blacklist their IP address. In WordPress, in the adminstration panel, under ‘Settings’ ‘Discussion’ menu option you will see two text boxes. They are ‘comment moderation’ and ‘comment blacklist’. Enter their IP addresses in these text boxes. I wish WordPress would supply a visitor blacklist box for this purpose. I had a case of a hacker(s) from White Plains, New York and they were using 20 to 30 IP addresses. I enter all their IP addresses into the blacklist.

I’m using Visitor Maps by Mike Challis, WordPress plugin which is quite good at tracking visitors. Unfortunatley, he only shows unique visitors and not total number of visitors in his counter but his database, viewed from the administrators panel, keeps records of all visitors. His map is displayed on the “About” page.


11. How do I start a blog and is it free?

Most blogging software is free. I am using WordPress for this blog, The Bread Diaries. If you do not have or do not intend to pay for hosting services you can start your blog at wordpress.com which is free but you URL name would be ‘your_blog_name.wordpress.com’ and if you want to have your own URL name then I would suggest you go to wordpress.org to download WordPress and have your own hosted website with your own URL. This option is know as ‘self hosting’.

Most hosting services do provide WordPress under one of their plans so I would suggest you contact the technical support or customer support services of your host server.

My hosting services is at peterpublishing.com.


12. Where did The Bread Diaries get their theme (the picture on the top of the page) from?

I had a old photo of myself celebrating life in a pub at one the hotels at the Curve in Damansara Mutiara. I used that picture and build some text around it. You should try RealWorld Paint to design your pictures. You can separate your designs into layers and edit or redesign layers separately without needing to modify or redo the whole picture. The text title of my blog is beveled with this software to make it look 3D. This is the free download version, 2009 version, and is pretty good.


13. How can I put links to all your articles on my website?

Actually, no one asked me about this but I noticed, from the search referrals, that there are many sites that link to my site. So here is an easy way of doing it – just one link to point to all the individual pages. You can download this file (copy and paste what the screen shows)  and copy the html code into your website. You can edit the color, the height and width in pixels. If you remove the ‘scroll’ term it will not scroll. You can change the fonts and color. Once inserted into your site all new articles on this blog will automatically be shown on your site as a menu.

The link menu will look like this:- example link menu

Note that you can adjust the size of the menu (in pixels) width is set to 270 pixels and height is set to 550 pixels by modifying the HTML code that you copied and pasted.



14. Chrome, Opera, … page overflows outside the screen

I have just tested with Chrome and the page display is perfect, no overflow of the page outside the screen. But I managed to get the page view to overflow outside the screen when , in Chrome, I set, under Options, the Page Zoom to 120%. When I reset it to 100% there was no problem with the page being displayed.

Oh boy, I tried it again sometime later and it didn’t work, the screen overflowed again. I have set a width limit using div tags in the html code and had to change the font size to correct this in Chrome. There was no problem with Firefox. (30 August 2011)


15. How to build your own scroll menu

Some of you have asked me how I did the scroll menu to list all my articles. I did it because I was very unhappy with the standard WordPress list of contents. I am a self taught HTML and java script programmer but not an expert. Hence I found this two very interesting sites to help me. I had lost touch with HTML and didn’t know that the div tag could be used to build scroll menus. Do check these two sites out and look at item 13 above to see how I used their code to build my own menus.

a. http://www.quackit.com/html/codes/html_scroll_box.cfm

b. http://accessify.com/tools-and-wizards/developer-tools/html-javascript-convertor/

I inserted the code in the widget text box.      – 21 Spetember 2011



The author does hope that the above answers are enlightening.

– Peter Achutha, 21st August 2011



PS: Due to the huge amount of irrelevant comments. All comments will be deleted.

– 5 January 2013


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