How to make chocolate mousse cake

Chocolate mousse cake
Chocolate mousse cake

How to make chocolate mousse cake

Chocolate mousse cake without baking using Herve This techniques Saturday 14th January 2012, Recipe 20120114

How to make chocolate mousse cake – an introduction

This wonderful chocolate mousse cake with biscuits embedded recipe to verify that chocolate mousse can be made without heating in a pot, pan or microwave or using boiling water or cream. In the previous recipe for chocolate mousse, I had used a a microwave to warm up the cocoa butter. In this recipe I did not apply any heating to the ingredients.


I hope you would have read my spin on Hervé This’s Chocolate Mousse now I will convert it to a chocolate mousse and cheesecake. If you had read my previous article of mixing cocoa powder, oil & sugar you would know that by accident I found out that cocoa powder could be made into chocolate at room temperature. This chocolate mousse cake was to show that it is possible to blend all the ingredients in a blend to make chocolate mousse and let it set in the fridge to form a chocolate mousse cake.



The recipe for the Chocolate mousse cake


Chocolate cream mousse
Item Ingredients Percentage Weight Weight
(%) (g) oz.
1 Cocoa Powder 100 200 7.04
2 Sugar 150 300 10.56
3 Butter 30 60 2.112
4 Cocoa Butter 100 200 7.04
5 Whipping Cream 200 400 14.08

You will notice that it is exactly the same as the previous chocolate mousse recipe except that I am not using the microwave oven to heat the ingredients.



Photos of the Chocolate Mousse Cake making process



1. The Chocolate mousse Recipe

This is an experimental recipe to confirm that all ingredients can be added into a blender in one go before blending to make a chocolate mousse.



ch09ti01weigh chocolate mousse cake
















Notice that I have placed the blender jar onto top of the weighing scale then measured the thickened whipping cream, sugar and butter.



ch09ti02cocoabutter chocolate mousse cake












Do cut the cocoa butter into small pieces so that it will be easy for it to blend and dissolve within the cream mixture.




ch09ti03addcocoa chocolate mousse cake















Then add the cocoa butter and cocoa powder.




ch09ti04blend chocolate mousse cake
















Switch on the blender and let it run at the slowest speed possible. If you run it at the highest speed you will find that the bottom is so thick that it will not fall into the blender blades. Then you would need to switch off the blender, take the jar off the blender (for safety reasons) and use a plastic or wooden spatula and scrap and stir the contents. Actually, you will do this several times before it begins to blend properly. Do make sure you are using a heavy duty blender – at least one that is capable of crushing ice.




ch09ti05blendmore chocolate mousse cake

As you can observe from the photo above, the bottom has begun to blend and the top is not going anywhere. You will need to switch off the blender and remove the jar from the blender and stir the contents before blending again.




ch09ti06grainy chocolate mousse cake












I took a picture, with the flash, to show you how grainy the mousse was, once the whole mousse was mixing inside the blender jar. It had not warmed up yet.




ch09ti07smooth chocolate mousse cake












This picture was taken after another 5 minutes of blending. The mousse was relatively hot which meant that the cocoa butter had melted and dissolved within the mousse mixture. You will observe how smooth the mousse is. The graininess is not visible.



2. How to make the cake


ch09ti08firstlayer chocolate mousse cake












While the chocolate mousse is still quite warm pour a little mousse into a dish and spread it out across the whole dish.




ch09ti09biscuitlayer chocolate mousse cake












I have spread a little mousse on the bottom of the serving dish and placed two ‘Tiramisu biscuits’ on top. You could use and ‘thick and fat’ biscuits or even the Marie biscuits.




ch09ti10morebiscuits chocolate mousse cake












I have made a layer of biscuits before topping them up with the mousse.




ch09ti11nextbiscuitlayer chocolate mousse cake












I had topped the first or bottom layer of biscuits with the mousse and have made a second layer of biscuits. I had used the broken bits of biscuits in this layer. Once the biscuits are covered with mousse no one will know that I had used broken biscuits.




ch09ti12finaldish chocolate mousse cake












See it is all covered up. You only see the chocolate layer on the outside.




ch09ti13scooped chocolate mousse cake












I set in the fridge overnight and had some today. It was dark chocolate flavour with a trace of that wonderful bitterness. Some of you may want to increase the sugar content as you not find it sweet enough. Others may want to increase the whipping cream amount as you may find it a little too ‘dark’ in flavour. In the end I think you would find it easier to melt the cocoa butter and the dairy butter in the microwave oven before blending.




ch09ti14served chocolate mousse cake












Here it is served up for a king. You can find additional information on chocolate mousse here and here for french recipes, and here but all of them seem to use eggs.



Famous Chocolate Recipes



This article How to make chocolate mousse cake was researched and written by Peter Achutha






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