Murphy’s Law, homemade pizza and homemade pizza sauce

Murph's Law for pizza
Murph's Law for pizza

Murphy’s Law, homemade pizza and homemade pizza sauce – The Accidental Recipe Modified

Homemade pizza and Murpy’s law of what can go wrong. Que Sera Sera. Tuesday 5th July 2011, Recipe 20110625

Murphy’s Law on homemade pizza introduction

Murphy’s Law states that if anything can go wrong, it will. I didn’t believe Murphy’s Law could be applied to making homemade pizza until it happened to me. Everything that could go wrong did. This was the second time within the past five months when I had one of those days. A type of day when everything did go wrong. The first time was when I was making orange cherry bread muffin cupcakes (see how to make almond cherry orange bread muffin cupcake and orange cherry bread muffin cupcake )

I bring you such news so that you too, will be on the lookout for difficulties I faced and could learn from my experience. So I hope that this article on homemade pizza is useful to you. I used the homemade pizza recipe as in the previous article how to make homemade pizza bread with yeast so I will not repeat the recipe here but discuss what went wrong. The bulk of the problems began when I decided to make the tomato sauce with some meat. I decided to take a short cut and cook about 200g (7.0 oz) of finely sliced beef in the tomato sauce.

I must apologise for the delays in this and the last article, hopefully I will make up for it in the next article.

Photos of homemade pizza sauce making process

pz02b01fryonions homemade pizza and homemade pizza sauce
As you can see I did burn the onions a little – that was the first sign that I was not paying attention to my cooking and the final results speak for themselves. I should have used a smaller fire.



pz02b02beef homemade pizza and homemade pizza sauce
While the onions were frying I sliced up the beef into very small pieces.



pz02b03stew homemade pizza and homemade pizza sauce
I put everything in together, the onions, the tinned tomato and tomato puree and pinch of salt and let it stew for one hour. Actually, I was planning to do a ‘slow cooking’ of the beef to make it very tender but I couldn’t. I had set the gas fire a little too large and was distracted by my work developing the other website ( which is totally unrelated to homemade pizza). I was aware that the ‘stew’ was boiling away.



pz02b04covered homemade pizza and homemade pizza sauce
I had left the lid of the pot slightly ajar so that it could dry up slowly to make a thick meaty tomato sauce. Well that was the theory. While I was working on my computer I suddenly realised that there was no sound from the kitchen. That is the slow boiling, bubbling sound had ceased. I rushed to the kitchen and found that the meaty tomato sauce was burning. I didn’t know tomato sauce could burn, did you? Well now we know.



pz02b05beefysauce burned the tomato sauce
I scooped out most of what did not burn. It looked okay and it didn’t taste burnt so I decided to use it on the homemade pizza.



pz02b06saucetopping thick sauce is difficult to handle
When I tried to apply it on the homemade pizza dough it was just too thick to apply. While applying the sauce I almost tore the homemade pizza dough. In the previous article how to make homemade pizza bread with yeast the tomato sauce was sufficient for two pizzas but since this was too thick, almost stiff, the whole amount was just enough to cover one homemade pizza.



pz02b07cheesetopped homemade pizza and homemade pizza sauce
This time around I grated a block of cheddar cheese on to the pizza as the topping. I had used a fine grater so the gratings were half or quarter the thickness of the standard pizza grated cheese you can buy at the supermarkets. In fact in the previous recipe I had used 100g (3.50 oz) of grated cheese but in this case I had managed to use as little as 40g (1.40 oz). That was a huge cost saving considering that cheese is pretty expensive, in Malaysia, and I was chuckling to myself about it.



pz02b08bakedpizza homemade pizza and homemade pizza sauce
This is what the homemade pizza looked like after baking. Did you notice how easily the tomato sauce burnt at the edges. The tomato sauce did not have enough moisture content to withstand the 30 minute bake time and burnt at the edges. I even managed to burn some of the cheese. A lot of the cheese was too dry, almost crispy. Now I know why the grated pizza cheese sold in the supermarkets is quite thick and damp or moist. I guess they use a ‘soft’ cheese or a moist cheese for pizza so that the cheese will not dry up during baking.



pz02b09silced homemade pizza and homemade pizza sauce
The sliced pizza does look wonderful doesn’t it? Unfortunately it turned out to be very sour. I did not know whether this was because of the different brand of tomato puree I had used. Next time I will test out the puree or will add it in last so as not to overcook it. Even though it turned out sour I did manage to eat … swallow… the stuff. 200g (7.00 oz) of beef was too little for this size of homemade pizza as every bite did not have a piece of meat.


I hope this article does help you and prevents you from making the stupid mistakes I made. But I do hope you still have that … burning … passion to make more homemade pizza. Don’t be distracted when you you cook … better not to cook … go get a take away. Choose the right cheese for the right reasons and use tried and tested puree if your are making the pizza for friends. As for the meat, if you can cook meat well then go ahead and used meat otherwise it may be tastier to use salami or sausages. Do make sure the meat you use is cooked meat as I am not sure it there is enough time for raw meat to cook as a homemade pizza topping. But it would be interesting to lay strips of bacon under the cheese and allow the pork fat to soak through the homemade pizza while baking. You could use sliced boiled eggs under the cheese. Off course you could put thin slices of raw tomatoes under the cheese to keep everything moist. …. enough, enough, enough, I’m drooling already … must go and make another homemade pizza.


This article “Murphy’s Law, homemade pizza and homemade pizza sauce” was researched(?) and written by Peter Achutha






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