Low Cost Web Hosting Services for Small Businesses

Web Hosting Services for Small Businesses

Peter Publishing low cost web hosting services and web hosting plans for Small Businesses
Peter Publishing Web Hosting Services for Small Businesses


Small businesses need low cost web hosting as more people begin to rely on the internet for information and products and services.

Peter Publishing introduces low cost web hosting for small businesses

Peter Publishing is a small publisher catering for the needs of small businesses.  Many small businesses rely on inexpensive means of advertising and promotion to build awareness of their products. For example many small businesses use flyers and classified advertisements to promote their products. Peter Publishing provides low cost web hosting services and functional websites for small businesses to build awareness of their brand, product and services through the internet.


“As a small business ourselves, we saw a niche market for small business needing low cost exposure of their products on the internet” says Dr. Peter Achutha “Many of them are too busy with their business operations, know nothing about web hosting or do not have the expertise to set up an internet presence. Worst still they are unable to cope with web hosting related problems such as hacked sites and slowing hosts. Furthermore as more and more of the younger generation turn to the internet and not the newspapers to search for information, products and services, it becomes imperative to have an innovative internet presence. ”


Peter Publishing was set up by Dr. Peter Achutha after many years in corporate environment, later freelancing and now operating a small business. “It is really tough to operate a small business as you have limited access to funds, marketing channels, and many small businesses run on tight budgets” says Dr. Peter Achutha. “Presence and persistence is the key to success and an internet based web solution provides a inexpensive and low cost of maintenance, round the clock presence.”


Three key steps to set up a low cost website for small businesses

Firstly, the purpose of a low cost website for a small business is to display your products and services just like a shop or supermarket so that prospective customers know what you have to offer.  Secondly, it will show how to contact you and thirdly where your premises is physically located. This is necessary if the bulk of your business is walk-in business or based upon face to face meetings.


Selecting a reliable low cost web hosting provider

The first step for a small business to have a successful low cost internet presence is in choosing a good and reliable hosting services provider. Peter Publishing searched through the vast amount of information on hosting services and reviews and complaints available on the internet and examined many hosting services. They then screened them and shortlisted 3 hosting providers for speed of page downloads and quick response to technical support. And from there they selected LiquidNet Ltd., UK and became a reseller for LiquidNet Ltd., UK.


LiquidNet Ltd., UK and Peter Publishing web hosting plans

LiquidNet Ltd., UK, is a premier web hosting service provider. They have data centers in USA, UK, Sweden and Australia. With a worldwide presence your web pages appear very quickly to visitors of your websites.  LiquidNet Ltd., UK, provides 24/7 technical support directly to the website administrators. “We have noticed that their response times are anything between 3 minutes and 22 minutes whatever the time of day or night in Malaysia” says Dr. Peter Achutha. Furthermore, Peter Publishing through their principal LiquidNet Ltd., UK, have many web hosting plans to suite individual needs. Some are very low cost and as competitive as any other hosting services in the market, if not better. Some are geared towards e-commerce and blogging and others are directed to those who need special hardware such as dedicated servers. When you host with Peter Publishing you can upgrade your hosting plans or you can upgrade specific optional facilities like memory, bandwidth, dedicated IP addresses, number of domains and sub domains, etc as you grow your business.


Four of our web hosting plans

1. The Simple Plan web hosting plan

2. The WordPress Plan web hosting plan

3. The Ecommerce and Blogging Plan web hosting plan

4. The Small Business Plan web hosting plan

This web hosting plan is a low cost plan for those who have never had a website before or have a very limited budget. You are excited about creating your own web site but do not know where to begin. The term ‘unlimited’ means that for the average beginner it appears unlimited. As you grow, your site usage will increase and eventually you will need to upgrade to a better plan that accommodates your needs. This web hosting plan is for beginners and those with a limited budget. You can use WordPress or e-commerce with this web hosting plan. This fast web hosting plan is for those who want to have their own blog. We have been using WordPress for quite some time hence we recommend the very popular WordPress which is very easy to use. With this web hosting plan there is plenty of memory (10GB) and bandwidth (100 GB) to grow your site, over the next few years, to maintain high visitor traffic with many text, pictures, audio visual multimedia inserts. See this site as an example of a WordPress site with our web hosting plan. You can use this web hosting plan for e-commerce to host your own shopping cart. This fast web hosting plan is for those who have some experience at blogging and / or need to begin an e-commerce business with their own shopping cart. You can migrate from the The Simple Plan or The WordPress Plan to this plan. With this web hosting plan there is more memory (15GB) and bandwidth (150GB) allocated for you to host a high traffic site. See our site as an example of an e-commerce site with our web hosting plan. This fast web hosting plan is for those who have a lot of experience at running a internet e-commerce business and would like better performance. Or for those who have an established normal business and would like to have a powerful presence on the internet. Hence more memory (20GB) and bandwidth (200 GB) is allocated. Furthermore, you can have many new domains added to your account. With this web hosting plan you automatically get your own dedicated IP Address.


Or please visit our web hosting website for more details on features and pricing for small businesses.


Developing a website for your small business

Once you have found a suitable web hosting package that meets your needs, you should consider who will develop the website for you. You could do it yourself if you are familiar with HTML. The disadvantage of developing your own website is that you would have to be able to keep up with the advances in the internet and handle site problems and hackers.  Otherwise you could contract out job to a website designer. There are many skillful designers around and many of them advertise their skills and talent on the internet through contract job agencies and newspaper classifieds. Preferably contact a web designer near you as this will help you communicate your requirements.   Or you could contact us.


Do have a theme for your website

Do have a theme for your website. What is the website, in general, promoting? A theme will help the reader understand where you are coming from and what you are providing them. It helps them to remember your website and in turn your business which means more return visits. You visitor or prospective customers may not purchase anything on the first visit especially while they are shopping around. so helping them remember your website is essential.


 Attracting Visitors to your website

The second step for small businesses is to attract visitors to their web sites. That means several criteria have to be met. Firstly, the websites have to be search engine optimised (SEO), that is it appears listed as close to as possible to the top of the first page in search engine listing such as Google, Yahoo, Bing and other listings. Secondly, there has to be sufficient back links on other websites pointing back to your site so that visitor traffic from other sites comes to yours. There are many ways to achieve this and one of them is through Pay Per Click advertising. Another is by writing good informative articles that other websites can refer to. If you need good articles written specially for your website please do contact us.


Make your website relevant


The third step is to make the website attractive and relevant to the visitor. A visitor that feels uncomfortable with your website will leave quickly. You need to ensure that visitors find the website relevant and rewarding.  Rewarding can mean many things, they get a free download, they get a discount coupon which has the benefit of bring them back later or just the simple pleasure of viewing a beautiful site and best yet, finding what they were looking for in the first place.


About Peter Publishing

Peter Publishing has sufficient expertise in web hosting, please visit  for more details on web hosting, search engine optimization (SEO), WordPress optimization, please visit our blog page on low cost optimization details for small businesses, and e-commerce hosting as they use their own in house expertise to develop their sites. Peter Publishing is a publishing company with expertise in small run printing. They research many topics from baking bread to gold price movement for publication on their websites. They are involved in web hosting and web site development. Please contact us if you need a website developed.


This article Low Cost Web Hosting Services for Small Businesses was researched by Peter Achutha






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