lecithin and carotino oil blend

Carotino oil and lecithin blend

lecithin and carotino oil blend
lecithin and carotino oil blend


In the last article I used butter instead of carotino oil to blend the lecithin and I believe this is an improved recipe for those who have long sightedness – need reading glasses. The lecithin and soy lecithin granules blend really helped improve my eyesight.

Lecithin and carotino oil blend – an introduction

As you would have read in my previous article that soy lecithin granules does behave differently from lecithin capsules and raw lecithin. I will tell you about the experiment that went bad and how to do it correctly.




Lecithin and carotino oil blend that went wrong

When I first tried to blend lecithin with any oil I made a mistake of heating it too long and I didn’t have a thermometer to measure the temperature. It just reacted too quickly for me to stop the process from going bad. That is why I am showing you both methods, heating in a pan and microwaving, so that you would use the microwave method.


Photos of the first lecithin and carotino oil blending experiment


li03bl01carotino lecithin and carotino oil blend
















You could have used any cooking oil or vegetable oil. I decided to use carotino oil due to the high vitamin E content. Carotino oil is palm oil which is high in Tocopherols and Tocotrienols (Vitamin E) and Vitamin A content. Please don’t make the mistake of thinking palm oil is bad for health. There is a lot of false literature out there generated by the soy bean lobby. The bad thing about soy bean oil is that it suffers from auto-oxidation which means it can go rancid within a few months. So do ensure that any soy bean oil you consume is not old stock. To be truly fair to all oils, all oils are good in moderation. Better still, use a variety of different oils and fats in you cooking. We all need some amounts of fats and oils in our diet to help us absorb the oil soluble vitamins. Many of us wrongly assume that fats and oils make us fat, when in actual fact it is the high amounts of sugar in our diet that makes us fat.


li03bl06oilinpan lecithin and carotino oil blend

Weigh out the carotino oil.



li03bl07oilinpanlecithin oil blend
















Weigh out the soy lecithin granules into the carotino oil.



li03bl08nicecolor heat slowly












Heat it slowly. It will turn a nice golden colour.




li03bl09blacklecithin turned black












Unfortunatley, the lecithin and carotino oil turned black very quickly. The change in color would indicate that either there was a molecular structure change in the lecithin or it had undergone a chemical reaction – possibly it was no longer lecithin. So I dared not eat the stuff and threw it away.



The Lecithin Carotino Oil Blend Recipe


The Lecithin Carotino Oil Blend Recipe
Item Ingredients Percentage Weight Weight
(%) (g) oz.
1 Soy Lecithin Granules 100 100 3.52
2 Carotino Oil 200 200 7.04
3 Water 10 10 0.352

You will notice that in this recipe I use a little water. The microwave oven will not heat oil or anything else that has no moisture (water) content. Butter has about 12% water so you do not need to add water if you use butter instead of oil.



 Photos of the second lecithin and carotino oil blending experiment


li03bl02foaming microwave












As you can see from the photo above I have mixed the carotino oil, the soy lecithin granules and water and begun to microwave it. As this was my first attempt with carotino oil I heated it in 30 seconds intervals until it began to foam.



li03bl03foaming2 foaming oil blend












As you can see from the photo above when it begins to foam the volume expands and it begins to rise. Take care it does not overflow and mess up your microwave oven.



li03bl04hot temperature is 85C
















The photo shows that the temperature reached 85C (185F)




li03bl05lecithincarotinoblend lecithin and carotino oil blend












The final lecithin and carotino oil blend. The reddish colour is from the carotino oil.


This soy lecithin granules and carotino blend did wonders for my eye sight. I was taking about one desert spoon every night for a few days. Within a few days I found that I did not need my reading glasses for reading or working at my computer. As usual I don’t take anything regularly.

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This article lecithin and carotino oil blend was researched and written by Peter Achutha






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