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Yakult based plain bread

how to make bread with yakult
Yakult Bread

I have been suffering from a writer’s block so even though I have been carrying on with my cooking experiments I just could not switch on my PC and blog about it. Was this a writer’s blog or a writer’s block? I have many exciting experiments to tell you about. I have succeeded in making Durian Creme Caramel and Durian Cheesecake (modified my earlier cheesecake experiments which uses yogurt instead of Yakult) and will blog about that later. Oh, I pinched my mother’s chilli sauce recipe … more of that later.


For now, I want to get back to bread and let you know the wonders of Yakult bread. Yakult is a Japanese probiotic drink similar to yogurt but is more potent in its useful and friendly bacterial content.   In fact I discovered Yakult, years ago, by accident. As a Real Estate Agent I used to travel all over Klang Valley to show properties and in those days I was not particular about what I ate or where I ate. As I had a tendency to avoid crowded eating shops I would have my meals in less popular or deserted coffee shops. As a results, I used to suffer from food poisoning (uncontrolled purging and vomiting for hours, non stop) quite regularly, at least twice a year.  I have tried everything to stop food poisoning – even went to the doctors. I knew yogurt had good bacteria to fight the bad bacteria but yogurt itself was not strong enough. Charcoal tablets don’t actually fight the bad bacteria that was causing the food poisoning. I tried almost every brand of yogurt on the supermarket shelves and found only Yakult worked.


I found out that the moment I have food poisoning symptoms I should get a six pack of Yakult and drink 4 bottles immediately (shake it up properly) and another two bottles after half an hour. All symptoms of food poisoning stop within an hour and life goes back to normal. This was my personal experience with Yakult.


The method below is one of my pretty standard bread recipes that I modified to incorporate Yakult.




The Yakult bread recipe


Yakult Bread Recipe
Item Ingredients Percentage Weight Weight
(%)  (g) oz.
1 Bread Flour 50 200.00 7.04
2 Plain Flour 50 200.00 7.04
Subtotal 100 400 14.08
3 Sugar 5 20.00 0.70
4 Salt 1 4.00 0.14
5 Instant Yeast 2 8.00 0.28
6 Water + 1 bottle Yakult 60 240.00 8.45


One bottle of Yakult is about 85g hence I added 160g of water to make 240g of Yakult + water solution. It should be 155g of water but by the time I had stopped pouring the water into the rest of the ingredients I had about 5g more. I am using half plain flour and half bread flour to make the bread a little softer. You can try this recipe with bread flour alone.




Photos of the Yakult bread making process


 yakult bread plain bread recipe croutons












Weigh and add all the dry ingredients in a bowl and give it good mix. This will ensure that salt, sugar, yeast are uniformly distributed within the flour. Then pour in the Yakult solution. Then mix until a firm ball.



yb01yb02rolled yakult bread plain bread recipe croutons












This Yakult bread recipe is quite dry so you should be able to form a roll or a ball.




yb01yb03bakingtin yakult bread plain bread recipe croutons












Place the rolled dough into a greased baking tin and let it proof for 4 hours. It will expand to at least double its original size.




yb01yb04baked yakult bread plain bread recipe croutons












Bake for 35 minutes at 210C (410F) and allow the bread to cool before removing it form the baking tray. Very interesting shape and colour, right?




yb01yb05slicedbread yakult bread plain bread recipe croutons












I was just amazed how firm this bread turned out to be. It was so firm that you could cut it into extremely thin slices unlike normal breads. I would think that this Yakult bread would be good for making croutons. There are many recipes for croutons and crouton dishes.




yb01yb06breadwithbeef yakult bread plain bread recipe croutons












What did I do with my Yakult bread? I had it with my experimental beef burgers … of course, experimental bread with experimental beef burgers, what else?



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This article on How to make Yakult bread was researched and written by Peter Achutha






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