How to make Tiramisu chocolate mousse cheesecake, part 2

Tiramisu chocolate cheesecake
Tiramisu chocolate cheesecake

How to make Tiramisu chocolate mousse cheesecake, part 2

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How to make Tiramisu chocolate mousse cheesecake, part 2 – an introduction

This is 3 recipes in one Tiramisu chocolate mousse cheesecake recipe similar to the previous version but with additional improvements and comments. In the previous recipe I had used a different whipping cream and did not use any nuts. Hence this recipe is an improvement over that. Actually, I had done another version earlier but I had forgotten to cook or roast the almonds and that spoilt the flavour of the chocolate mousse. The raw nuts infused the chocolate mousse with a ‘raw plant’ flavour.

Again there are no raw eggs in this chocolate mousse cheesecake recipe so it should be safer for children. Furthermore, I did not use any store bought biscuits but used my own pastry recipe.


I hope you would have read my spin on Hervé This’s Chocolate Mousse now I will convert it to a chocolate mousse and cheesecake with pastry. If you had read my previous article on mixing cocoa powder, oil & sugar you would know that by accident I found out that cocoa powder could be made into chocolate at room temperature. I had been experimenting with cheesecake so you guessed whats next. Hence this Tiramisu style chocolate mousse cheesecake evolved from a combination of experiments I had carried out earlier.



The recipe for the Tiramisu chocolate mousse cheesecake


Dark chocolate mousse
Item Ingredients Percentage Weight Weight
(%) (g) oz.
1 Cocoa Powder 100 100 3.52
2 Sugar 150 150 5.28
3 Butter 30 30 1.06
4 Cocoa Butter 100 100 3.52
5 Water 100 100 3.52



Chocolate cream mousse
Item Ingredients Percentage Weight Weight
(%) (g) oz.
1 Chocolate mousse 100 480 16.90
2 Whipping Cream 40 192 6.76
3 Walnuts 20 96 3.38



Cream cheesecake
Item Ingredients Percentage Weight Weight
(%) (g) oz.
1 Cream Cheese 100 500 17.60
2 Icing Sugar 20 100 3.52
3 Whipping Cream 40 200 7.04
4 Cherries 60 300 10.56
5 Vanilla 2 10 0.35




Photos of the Tiramisu chocolate mousse cheesecake making process



Before you begin on the mousse and cheesecake I would suggest that you roast the nuts either in oven or on frying pan.

ch07ti00roastednuts Tiramisu chocolate mousse cheesecake

I made the mistake of burning them slightly. I would be better if you bought ready made roasted nuts or roasted them in an oven where it would get done more evenly at a low temperature.


1. The Biscuit Recipe

Make the pastry using the any biscuit or crisp pastry recipe, in this case I had used one of my cheesecake experimental recipes.

ch07ti01dough Tiramisu chocolate mousse cheesecake

This cheesecake dough is very soft and slightly sweet.


ch07ti02doughstrips Tiramisu chocolate mousse cheesecake

Use your palms to press down the pastry to the length of the bowl. You can see the bowl in the picture that I am using to measure out the length of the pastry. No need to use a rolling pin but that would be better but the dough may stick. Then use a pizza cutter to cut out the size of the ‘biscuits’ you need. Nowadays I tend to use baking paper at the base so that it is much easier to carry and place it into the baking tray. It prevents the any burnt dough sticking to the tray.


 ch07ti03bakedough Tiramisu chocolate mousse cheesecake

Lift the dough by the diagonal ends of the baking sheet and place into the tray. This makes it very easy to transfer the dough into the baking tray. I baked it for 20 minutes at 210C (410F) but I think I should have baked it for 25 minutes or at 180C (356F) for a longer time to get a more crisp biscuit like pastry. Mine was slightly under cooked inside.


2. The Chocolate mousse Recipe

Make the chocolate mousse first and this time around I have discovered and extremely easy way of making the chocolate mousse.


ch07ti04addboilingwater Tiramisu chocolate mousse cheesecake
Weigh soft dairy butter which is at room temperature, cocoa butter, sugar. Do weigh everything in a tumbler that can be microwaved and can withstand boiling hot water. Pour boiling hot water into the tumbler. This will melt the cocoa butter and help dissolve the sugar. The hot water allows for uniform dispersion of the ingredients in the dark chocolate mousse.



ch07ti05whisk Tiramisu chocolate mousse cheesecake
Whisk it with a stick blender so that the sugar dissolves in the hot water and that there are no grainy pieces of sugar when you are eating the cake. This ensures that the cocoa butter is completely dispersed within the mixture.



ch07ti06addcocoa Tiramisu chocolate mousse cheesecake
Now add the cocoa powder. Actually ran out of cocoa powder hence you will notice that there are two different brands of cocoa powder. One is dark brown and the other is light brown. I will have to test out this new third brand of cocoa powder.



ch07ti07whiskcocoa Tiramisu chocolate mousse cheesecake
Stir the cocoa powder into the mixture before switching on the stick blender. This will prevent the cocoa powder from flying into the air and into your face and all over the kitchen. Switch on the stick blender and blend for 5 minutes. After 5 minutes of blending you will see a very smooth, shiny, dark chocolate mousse.


ch07ti08addcream Tiramisu chocolate mousse cheesecake
The balance of the dark chocolate mousse is very dark smooth and shiny. Add the balance of the 200ml packet of whipping cream into the dark chocolate mousse and blend it for 5 minutes. It will turn a lighter and more ‘chocolatety’ colour. This is the chocolate cream mousse.


ch07ti09whiskedcream Tiramisu chocolate mousse cheesecake

You will notice this version is wet. It was not as thick as in the previous recipe. I suspect it was due to the type of whipping cream I had used. In the previous recipe, Part 1, I had used a different brand of whipping cream. That whipping cream was thick and pasty. The brand I had used here looked like milk when I cut open the container. Do choose your whipping cream carefully. The thick cream gives an ice cream flavour to the chocolate cream mousse.

You can mix some roasted nuts and dish into glasses and keep them overnight in the fridge. The next day you could serve this as an chocolate mousse with nuts as a desert.



4. Back to the Tiramisu style chocolate mousse cheesecake


ch07ti10layerbiscuits Tiramisu chocolate mousse cheesecake

Take the biscuit pastry out of the oven and use the pizza cutter to separate out the strips. This pastry is very soft and brittle so don’t worry if it breaks, as it will. Just place the broke pieces in together as they will be covered by the chocolate mousse and no one will notice that they are broken pieces. Press them down a little so that they are held in place.



ch07ti11topwithchocolate Tiramisu chocolate mousse cheesecake

Pour more chocolate mousse to cover the biscuits. You can make as many layers of biscuits as you need. I just did two layers.


Come to think of it, you could keep layering biscuits and chocolate cream mousse into the dish, chill it overnight in the refrigerator and serve just that as a desert.


5. The Cheesecake Recipe

This is the cheesecake part of the recipe. I am not using mascarpone cheese but good ole Philadelphia cream cheese. Add the icing sugar and cream and mix well with the stick blender. You will need to use icing sugar instead of regular sugar here so that the sugar dissolves properly into the cheese. It will come out as a very smooth and shiny paste for the cheesecake. Then mix in the cherries. If you had used a blender instead of a whisk attached to a stick blender this step is very fast and the cheesecake comes out very smooth and shiny. I am using a whisk attached to a stick blender as I somehow had difficulty getting all the creamy cheese out of the blender – my blender wouldn’t open to scrap everything out.



ch07ti13whippedcheese Tiramisu chocolate mousse cheesecake

This is the cheesecake part of the recipe. Weigh the cream cheese, vanilla, icing sugar and whipping cream into a tall deep container and then whip them with the whisk stick blender.





ch07ti14addcherries Tiramisu chocolate mousse cheesecake

Look at how beautifully smooth and shiny the cream cheese has become. Wonderful, wonderful cheesecake soon. Cut the cherries into halves and add them in. Leave a few cherries out for decoration purposes. Use a spoon to fold in the cherries. When you use large chunks of cherries you get a nice texture to the cherry cream cheesecake. I must digress from cheesecake and get you to read this article on cherries – I think it is very important.



ch07ti15layercreamcheese Tiramisu chocolate mousse cheesecake
So I stuck some of the halved cherries into the side of the bowl for decorative purposes then layered the cream cheese in. This was to ensure that some red, red cherries were exposed at the side of the bowl to make it look attractive. Now it is looking more like a cheesecake, a chocolate cheesecake.


Actually, you could serve just this cherry cream cheese mix as a cheesecake style desert by itself. Keep it in the refrigerator over night and scoop it out into glasses or onto wafers and serve. The vanilla does make a huge difference. The more vanilla you add the tastier it becomes, especially as there are quite a large amount of cherries. Some of the cherries absorb the vanilla flavouring. I could eat the cheesecake by itself.



6. Back to the Tiramisu chocolate cream mousse cheesecake


ch07ti16mixnuts Tiramisu chocolate mousse cheesecake

Add the roasted nuts into the cream cheese mixture and mix with a spoon.


ch07ti17layerchocolate Tiramisu chocolate mousse cheesecake
Pour the rest of the nutty chocolate cream mousse on top of the cheesecake layer. Actually I did not make enough chocolate cream mouse and hence you can see that the top chocolate is very thin unlike the previous recipe. I would suggest that you make about 20% to 30% extra chocolate cream mousse. If you had a lot more chocolate cream mousse you could have made one layer without the nuts and the top layer with the nuts. This would have given you a 4 layer chocolate mousse cheesecake instead of a 3 layer chocolate mousse cheesecake.



ch07ti18almonds Tiramisu chocolate mousse cheesecake
I sprinkled some roasted almond slices on top to make it more appealing. You can see that I made two cakes with the recipe above and that is why I ran out of chocolate cream mousse. I left it in the fridge overnight and this improves the texture and flavour.
It almost tasted like an ice cream, a chocolate ice cream, especially the cheesecake part. I really did regret giving away some to my friends.


ch07ti19dugin Tiramisu chocolate mousse cheesecake

Just to show you how it looked after scooping out some of the chocolate mousse cheesecake for myself.


ch07ti20serve Tiramisu chocolate mousse cheesecake

Truly, this is a cheesecake type of tiramisu desert that you would not want to share with anyone else.


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This article “ How to make Tiramisu chocolate mousse cheesecake, part 2 ” was researched and written by Peter Achutha







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