how to make simple and easy cheese cake (1)


Simple and Easy Cheese Cake Recipe 1

Cheese cake Pastry Crust

Here is my first attempt at making cheese cake. Actually, I thought about it and decided that the basic cheese cake is a sweet cheese on a pastry crust and that is what I tried on 7th March 2011. Unfortunately I was distracted by the food processor mixing the cheese and …. You can see the results:-



















It had too much vegetable shortening hence was very brittle and soft. It fell apart upon handling. I had 60% vegetable shortening (90g shortening for 150g of plain flour). I modified the recipe to 30% vegetable shortening (90g for 300g of plain flour) and it definitely turned out edible and crust like.


I guess hindsight is the forerunner of wisdom. They didn’t tell you?











Here is the recipe done on 9th March 2011






Item Contents Percentage (%) Weight (grams)
1 All Purpose Flour 300g
2 Vegetable Shortening (or Butter) 30% 90g
3 Sugar 10% 30g
4 Salt 1% 3g
5 Cold Water 30% 90g

Pour the flour, sugar and salt into a bowl and stir them around a few times to distribute the contents evenly. Add the vegetable shortening and mix. It should for a coarse powder or crumb. Add the water and mix. Do the minimum amount of mixing to form a ball then keep in the fridge for at least half an hour.

Use a rolling pin and flatten some more as this is not thin enough


Take out of the fridge and roll into a flat sheet.

You can use a non-stick baking tray but from experience I have bought non-stick baking trays and found that everything sticks to them. So, now I always grease my baking trays. At the moment I am experiment with palm oil but I used to use butter. I am switching to palm oil as whenever I needed the butter, I find that it is still in the fridge and stone hard and cold.


Furthermore you could substitute the vegetable shortening with butter. Butter is contains about 12% water by weight so you would need to increase the amount of butter by this 12% and reduce the cold water by this 12%. It should be tastier. According to wikibooks,, butter is 82% fat hence instead of making the 12% adjustments, you may have to adjust by 18%.






Roll out the pastry into a thin sheet and place it onto the baking tray and cut away the excess pastry. Use a fork and stab the pastry with holes so that the steam and gases will be easily released and the pastry will not rise.




















Place a sheet of baking paper onto of the floor of the pastry (not the sides) and pour two packets of mung beans, 600g, to weigh down the pastry and prevent it from rising. If you know what are mung beans then you will know what my next experiments are going to be. Sorry, I forgot to take the pictures.



















Bake the pastry for 25 minutes at 190’C (375’F). Remove the mung beans for the last 10 minutes. Don’t do the same mistake I did, getting distracted by something else or else you will have charcoal for desert and a smoking kitchen. Once baked take it out and allow to cool to room temperature.


What do you do with the excess pastry dough? The best thing I could think of was to roll it into very thin sheets, and sprinkle some grated cheese and a little salt and put them in the residual heat of the oven and bake for 5 to 10 minutes. …that was good. Well it was not that good, just so so.



 Cheeses Cake Filling.

Item Contents Percentage (%) Weight (grams)
1 Philadelphia Cream Cheese 250g
2 Sugar 20% 50g
3 Cream 10% 25g
4 Brandy 10% 25g

Take the Philadelphia Cream Cheese out of the fridge a few hours before you make this cheese cake filling. Let it thaw and soften so that it is easy to mix. Put all the ingredients into a bowl and mix with spoon. While they are soft it is easier to get a good mix. You could use a food processor. Your best bet is to make this cheeses cake filling once the pastry has cooled to room temperature then you will not put the cheese mix on a hot pastry.













Keep the cheese cake in the fridge and the cheese filling will solidify. The brandy is optional and you could use orange liqueur, coffee liqueur, rum … or anything else that has strong flavours and aroma. Eat up, eat up as quickly as possible before your friends come and pretend to help you. Of course the pastry could be improved upon.

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This article on how to make simple and easy cheese cake (1) was researched and written by Peter Achutha






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