How to make rock bread without yeast

Rock bread making bread without yeast.

rock bread bread without yeast
Rock Bread


I must tell you about my latest invention. I have just figured out how to make rocks from bread without yeast. It is fantastic because unlike real rocks which are not biodegradable my bread rocks are biodegradable and you can make them at home for your children to play with quite cheaply. Isn’t that fantastic? You could even make them into bone shaped bread and give them to your dog for something to chew on. Just make sure your dog is not old and having teeth falling out.


This was a long forgotten secret recipe of mine that was similar to rock bread and yesterday I decided to try it out again. It was a secret for obvious reasons. Now the import thing about making rocks is that they should be as hard as possible. This means that you need to remove as much moisture content when ever possible. They should be light so that you can throw them very far. And an added advantage is that when they are light your children will not get any muscle strain handling them. Give them to your children when they are naughty so that they can throw them at each other. That will save you the trouble of canning them. You see, I can be quite considerate when cooking up recipes for you. Where on earth are you going to read another website like this.


My rock bread recipe from bread without yeast

Rock Bread Recipe without yeast
Item Ingredients Percentage Weight Weight
(%)  (g) oz.
1 Self raising flour 100 128.00 4.51
2 Bread Flour 33 42.24 1.49
Flour subtotal 133 170.24 5.99
3 Salt 1 1.70 0.06
4 Water 60 102.14 3.60



Do notice that I do not have any flavouring and the reduced water content.


Photos of the rock bread making process


pb00rk01ingredients rock bread bread without yeast












Add all the ingredient into a bowl without the water. Mix the ingredients so that the salt and flour will be evenly distributed. You do not want some parts of your rock bread to be soft and other parts to be hard, do you? Then add the water.



pb00rk02stir make more gluten












Stir as vigorously as possible as you want as much gluten to form in order to make the bread as hard as possible.



pb00rk04ball rock bread bread without yeast












It is OK to knead the bread. Leave it alone for half an hour if you are very busy in the kitchen. This step is not necessary unless you are making doggy bones for you dog. Do not cover so that some more moisture can evaporate form the dough.



pb00rk03tray rock bread bread without yeast












Do rub some cooking oil into the baking tray. This will prevent the dough from sticking to the tray and has the added advantage of making the base of the bread ‘fry’ a little to harden it even further.



pb00rk05bake rock bread bread without yeast












Bake at 220C (428F) for 30 minutes. Then take your little baby  rock bread buns out of the tray and microwave then for another 1 to 3 minutes to remove more moisture from the little bread rocks.



pb00rk06rocks rock bread bread without yeast












Finally, a new baby rock bread ready to be thrown. To test it out, try throwing it at your window. If the window shatters that the rock bread is to be classed as a Grade A rock bread.


Health Warning: Rocks are dangerous to everyone on the receiving end. Watch out for dangerous rock bread rocks

Legal Warning: Do not get caught throwing rocks. Bread Rocks should only be used by trained professionals who are knowledgeable and experienced. Peter Publishing, the author and this website is not responsible for any misuse or abuse of rock breads.



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This article on How to make rock bread was researched and written by Peter Achutha






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