how to make lecithin liposomal vitamin C

Lecithin liposomal vitamin C


lecithin liposomal vitamin C
lecithin liposomal vitamin C

Sorry I have been a bit slow on this blog for the past few weeks. One of my readers, Andrew of UK, had asked me what brand of lecithin I had used for my article on lecithin. One thing lead to another and this article is based upon the links Andrew gave me and the email discussion we had. Thanks Andrew for all the information. I think all my readers should be aware of the world events and Liposomal Vitamin C.

Liposomal Viamin C is very beneficial and from my personal experience I have seen much improvement in my health.








 How Liposomal Vitamin C became public knowledge

Andrew gave me two video links that I recommend that you take the time to view before reading the rest of this article. They are embedded hear.

Protect your self from Radiation


How to make Liposomal Vitamin C by using lecithin granules

This video shows how to how to make liposomal viatmin c with lecithin granules



How I made liposomal vitamin C from lecithin granules

The Lecithin Liposomal Vitamin C
Item Ingredients Percentage Weight Weight
(%) (g) oz.
1 Vitamin C (powder form) 100 20 0.704
2 Water 800 160 5.632
3 Lecithin granules 250 50 1.76



Photos of the lecithin liposomal vitamin C process


I must tell you that initially I tried my original process for recovering the properties of the granules. I allowed the recovered lecithin to cool down before adding a concentrated solution of Vitamin C into the blender and ultrasonic cleaner to mix. The Vitamin C leaked a lot and there was some separation of the Vitamin C from the lecithin. I consumed about two tablespoons per day and it had an impact on my health. But then I found a very interesting link by Evik on how to dissolve lecithin granules. Hence the final process I am using is based upon Evik’s solution. Evik says that by soaking the granules in water for an hour the lecithin recovers its properties. I thought about that and decided to try to soak the granules in a concentrated Vitamin C solution to see if it recovers its properties. And that worked.



li05bl01soak soaking in vitamin c solution
















Firstly, I made a saturated solution of Vitamin C by mixing 20g of Vitamin C powder with about 150g to 160g of water. Actually, I kept adding water until the 20g of Vitamin C was completely dissolved. I found out that at room temperature, in Malaysia, I could dissolve Vitamin C powder in about 7.5 to 8 times the weight of water to form a saturated solution of vitamin C. Then I added the lecithin granules into the Vitamin C solution to allow it to soak for an hour. Please do note that Vitamin C is destroyed by heat and sunlight so do use room temperature water to make the solution and keep refrigerated.



li05bl02shaken muddy solution
















I gave a little shake after about half an hour of soaking to see if anything was happening to the lecithin granules. Some of it did make the solution ‘muddy’ in colour.




li05bl03glueylecithin solution thickens












After an hour of soaking the granules in the vitamin c solution I used a long teaspoon to beat it up. To my amazement it thickened and became gluey. Actually, I wanted to describe it as slimy but that would put you off from swallowing the stuff. … There I have said it.




li05bl04pourultrasonic lecithin granules liposomal vitmain c












Poured the gluey mixture into an ultrasonic cleaner to do the ultrasonic mixing. The ultrasound makes the mixture implode and there by creating microscopic globules of liposomal vitamin c which is easily absorbed into the blood stream.




li05bl05ultrsonicvitaminc liposomal vitmain c












This is what it looks like after the ultrasonic mixing. It did not leak as much as the previous method I had used and I was taking one to two  tablespoons per day and found very old injuries beginning to heal. The next time around I will try this with more granules in the Vitamin C solution.


Please do note that I am not following any recommended method of making liposomal vitamin C but trying to shortcut the process and am trying it to check the health benefits on myself. Do keep this away from heat and sunlight, as in a refrigerator, as Vitamin C is destroyed by heat and sunlight.


Thanks to Andrew, here are the links we are providing you for further reading

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This article on how to make lecithin liposomal vitamin C was researched and written by Peter Achutha






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