how to make hot chilli bread

Hot Chilli bread homemade
Hot Hot Chilli Bread

Chilli bread hot hot homemade

Chilli Bread – The Accidental Recipe Modified Sunday 10th April 2011

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As you know I am very adventurous with my breads … especially if I am planning to share it with someone else. I did mention my chilli bread experiment before and here is the recipe. I used a blend of high ratio flour and bread flour so that the bread would be softer.






Hot Hot Chilli bread recipe

Chilli Bread
Item Ingredients Percentage Weight Weight
(%) (g) oz.
1 Bread Flour 70 210 7.39
2 High Ratio Flour 30 90 3.17
Sub Total 100 300 0 10.56
3 Instant Dry Yeast 1 3 0.11
4 Sugar 5 15 0.53
5 Salt 2 6 0.21
6 Chilli 10 30 1.06
7 Water, Cold 100 300 10.56
After 4 hour fermentation
No Additives


You will notice that this is just like a straight dough recipe as there are no additives. I had added the chilli powder in with the flour as I wanted to know if the yeast could work in a chilli environment. I now know for sure they didn’t jump around saying ‘hot’, ‘hot’, hot’…



Photos of hot hot chilli bread making process

chilli bread










It does look like a lot of chilli powder, doesn’t it? Try it and see if it is too hot.




chilli bread










The chilli powder does give it reddish color.





chilli bread












After folding in all the ingredients the sponge looks ‘orangey’ or reddish. My guess is that you may be able to impress your friends with is recipe … if they can take burning hot food. At the very least you could have some naughty fun with your unsuspecting friends. Tell them you added a lot of orange concentrate … that is why it’s orange.



chilli bread












After 4 hours of fermentation it has risen a lot. But not as much as the other recipes and I think it is due to the 30% all-purpose flour. This flour does not have as much protein as bread flour so the protein matrix is not as complete to trap all the gases to allow the bread to rise further.




chilli bread













But one good thing comes out of this experiment and that is the yeast didn’t mind the chilli powder.


You can see how gluey the dough is.




chilli bread










I let it proof until the dough rises enough to almost fill the baking tin. I forget how long it took but it is normally around 30 to 45 minutes.




chilli bread









It does look nice, a little ‘reddy’ bready hot hot …. stuff.





chilli bread










The best thing in the world is sliced bread. Especially if you are helping your friends. It didn’t turn out as red as I was expecting … may be the next time I will add some red food colouring.


If you cannot eat hot chilli food I would suggest you start with 1% to 3% chilli powder, instead of the 10% I used. That should be mouth-watering and entertaining to watch.


This article on how to make hot chilli bread was researched and written by Peter Achutha






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