how to make home made virgin coconut oil (vco)

Virgin Coconut Oil vco
Virgin Coconut Oil VCO

How to make home made virgin coconut oil (vco)


I wrote this article in a previous website on 13 February 2009 but as that site was ‘demolished’ I have reproduced the article here. If you have ever suffered from bad colds or flu you should try taking one or two tablespoons of virgin coconut oil (VCO) at least 3 times a week. Swirl it in your mouth for a few seconds before swallowing to allow the saliva to begin digesting the virgin coconut oil, VCO. I used to get frequent colds because I am a smoker but ever since I have been taking virgin coconut oil, VCO the colds disappeared. Actually, I didn’t catch any colds for 4 years but on the forth year I had forgotten to make and take virgin coconut oil,VCO, for a year and I caught a cold.


How to make virgin coconut oil – the home process


The key phrase that describes the virgin coconut oil home process is “Boil it until it starts to fry”. So here is how to make VCO.


Photos of the Virgin Coconut Oil cookign process



1) Pour in the coconut milk or coconut cream (less water content) into a heavy pot and bring to boil.Stir every few minutes.
virgin coconut oil, vco, homemade
2) You can see the coconut milk begining to boil. Now turn down the flame or else you will have coconut milk splashing all over the kitchen and the bottom will begin to burn. Stir every few minutes.
virgin coconut oil, vco, homemade
3) The flame is at low to medium.
virgin coconut oil, vco, homemade
4) Let the water content boil away slowly. Stir every few minutes so that the bottom of the pot does not accumulate the coconut solids and burn.
virgin coconut oil, vco, homemade
5) The water content will
dry up and it will begin to fry in its own oil.
virgin coconut oil, vco, homemade
6) Can you see the oil
separate out?
virgin coconut oil, vco, homemade
7) The solid matter will turn brown as it fries in it’s own oil. Do take care the flame is low and the solid matter does not burn. If it does burn it will give the coconut oil a very horrible burnt taste.
virgin coconut oil, vco, homemade
8) Can you see the solid matter frying in it’s own oil? This is because there is still some moisture left. Switch off the fire and allow it to cool. It is too hot to strain. Be careful it is very hot and you can burn your fingers or get scalded should there be an accident. Do not carry out this “cooking process” in the presence of children.
virgin coconut oil, vco, homemade
9) Drain the freshly made Virgin Coconut Oil into a metal container and allow to cool further. Use a press like the one shown to squeeze out the rest of the coconut oil which is soaked in the solid matter. The press I am using is a bit flimsy so you may want to get something better.
virgin coconut oil, vco, homemade
10) On this occasion I extracted a lot of Virgin Coconut Oil. (that is a 450g tin beside the bottle of homemade virgin coconut oil). With the Malaysian coconuts sold at the markets you can get about 50mls to 75mls of Virgin Coconut Oil per coconut.As of 2011 both Giant and TESCO hypermarkets have VCO.
virgin coconut oil, vco, homemade

I have tried using the “santan” that you can buy in the supermarkets which is sold in 1 litre tetrapacks. Some brands do not have any coconut oil content!!! Beware of what you are buying.

The other thing I would like to point out is there is no such thing as “Extra Virgin Coconut Oil”. It’s just a marketing gimmick to get people to buy their stuff.

If you don’t know anything about virgin coconut oil you must read about Dr. Mary Enig. On the right is some links to virgin coconut oil.

antimicrobial effect of virgin coconut oil:

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about Dr. Mary Enig:

There are many claims as to how carefully prepared each company’s vrigin coconut oil is and the extra benefits but at the end of the day we want the lauric acid, right? I don’t know if this “cooking process” is as good as all other process (I tried fermentation, refrigeration then cooking but you need to take care it does not ferment too much or else the taste & smell is awful) Sometimes I think that the “cooking process” can be better because cooking sterilises the material.

In Klang Valley, Malaysia, you can purchase the ready made Virgin Coconut Oil at Cold Storage supermarkets. It’s selling for about RM33/- for a 500ml bottle and they did
sell the 1 Litre bottle for RM60/-. Cold Storage is at the IKANO Centre, (below Harvey Norman) next to the The Curve in Kota Damansara and has stock. As the air conditioning at Cold Storage is very cold, the Oil would have solidified into three separate layers. Leave it over night at room temperature and shake the bottle, to mix up all the separated oils, before consuming.

As of 2011 you can get virgin coconut oil ( VCO ) at Giant and TESCO hypermarkets.


This article on how to make home made virgin coconut oil (vco) was researched and written by Peter Achutha






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