How to make beautiful eggs

Eggs can look beautiful

Beautiful steamed egg dishes
Beautiful Egg Dishes

You know, I have been wanting to write about steamed eggs for a long time, since November 2011 that is. My computer was stolen and I had a whole host of other problems and completely forgot about this egg experiment. If you remember I had written about the ugliest eggs in the world sometime back, so now I feel I need to put eggs in a better light.

The egg is the essence of everything in nutrition. Please see nutrition in eggs and some more on eggs . I bet you there are many who will disagree with me on that but look at it from a different angle. God, in his wisdom, ensured that eggs carried all the essential vitamins, minerals, sugars, carbohydrates, proteins, water … etc that would guarantee a well formed wholesome creature would be form out of an egg. Imagine for a moment that something, some nutrition was missing from an egg. The creature hatching out of an deficient egg would be deformed or still born … wouldn’t it?


I found from experiments, that if I had 4 eggs a day my long sightedness reduce substantially. Many will say that eggs are high in cholesterol and I say “Were the analysis done correctly?” There is lecithin in the eggs that offsets the impact of cholesterol – as far as my search on the internet tells me.


 Recipe for steamed eggs

Unlike my previous recipes this article does not have a recipe. Just follow you gut instinct as many steamed egg dishes are really simple to make.  I have two different dishes here so I will show you how I made them and the difficulties had.



Photos of the eggs steaming process














Steaming can be quite straight forward. Nothing complicated or technical. Just place whole eggs in a steamer and steam.




three timings












I have three different timing for steaming eggs in the picture above. On the left I had steamed the egg for 2 minutes. You can observe that the egg white is still a raw transparent jelly. The center dish was steamed for 4 minutes and the right hand side dish was steamed for 6 minutes. I found that steaming for 7 or more minutes makes the egg hard boiled. In fact if you steam them for 2 minutes and then switch off the burner/flame and let them soak in the hot steam for 7 or more minutes the eggs will turn out hard boiled.



 The first dish of eggs


layered with chillies and mushrooms












In this first experiment, I was trying to get the egg in to layers with interesting ingredients like sliced chillies and mushrooms. I had buttered the jelly cups to give that extra flavour. The butter was there to prevent the eggs from sticking to the jelly cup.



eg01st02glue beautiful dishes












The first time I tried this experiment I could never get the mushrooms and the chillies to stop floating to the top. Mushrooms and chillies are lighter then egg whites or egg yolks so they kept floating to the top. The disadvantage was that when I dish out the eggs I would have to invert the jelly cups on to a plate and the chillies and mushrooms would be hidden in the bottom of the egg dish. Either I had to change the jelly cup shape or try to glue the chillies and mushrooms to the bottom so that when inverted they would be visible at the top. In order to do this I steamed a little egg white with the mushrooms and chillies, first then poured in the rest of the eggs.














As you can see it did not work well. The mushrooms and chillies floated to the top again. It looks like I have to try this out without the butter so that the initial egg white can glue to the container but that would mean it may be difficult to invert and drop out the steamed eggs.














This is what would happen. You can hardly see the mushrooms and the chillies. Not that exciting but nice shape when dished out. Do add salt and pepper before steaming as the fluid circulation during steaming will mix the salt and pepper within the eggs. You will notice that even though I had used egg whites to glue the mushrooms and chillies to the bottom of the jelly cups when I added the yolk it sunk under the egg whites. You can see some have yellow tops, some are white and some are mixed.















When turned around you can see how mouth watering the dish looks. I think I should have used a cylindrical dish.



 The second dish of eggs


eg01st06fishrow beautiful eggs steam egg dishes












Here I am using sliced chillies and fish roe to make the eggs attractive. What, eggs within eggs? I did not line the jelly cups with butter. Probably, I forgot to do it.




eg01st07fishrowaddwhite beautiful eggs steam egg dishes fish roe












I poured in the egg whites and steamed it for a while then poured in the yolks and steamed again.



eg01st08fishrowsteamed beautiful eggs steam egg dishes fish roe












As you can observe from the photo above, once dished out there are three layers to the egg dish. The top layer is the fish roe, the second layer is the egg white and the bottom layer is the egg yolk. Some of the fish roe stuck to the jelly cup so the top of the dish has broken and opened out exposing more of the roe.


You can make a variety of dishes with steam eggs either layered or whole or with other ingredients but most importantly of all have fun doing it. The advantage of steaming is that … no I am not going to mention NO OIL … you can have many dishes steamed together in one steamer. You can never burn your eggs if you forgot to switch off the fire but make sure the water does not run out. And you can re-heat your eggs a second or third time if they are to be served hard boiled.  That means you can make them a few days earlier and store them in your refrigerator and re-heat by steaming when required.





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