how to make almond cherry orange bread muffin cupcake

Almond Orange Cherry Cupcakes
Almond Orange Cherry Cupcakes

How to make Almond Orange Cherry bread muffin cupcake – The Accidental Recipe Modified

Friday 20th May 2011, Recipe 20110520

I am a bit apprehensive about the latest brand of flour I am using as when I add 100% water it does form a thick batter. This should not be the case. It should form a thick gluey ball that can be easily lifted out of the bowl cleanly. For this reason I decided to try my orange cherry bread muffin recipe with this flour. As usually, I have improved upon the recipe.



Recipe for the almond orange cherry bread muffin cupcake


Here is the recipe.


Item Ingredients Percentage Weight Weight
(%) (g) oz.
1 Bread Flour 100 400 14.08
2 Instant Dry Yeast 1 4 0.14
3 Sugar 10 40 1.41
4 Sunkist Orange Concentrate 16 64 2.25
5 Water, Cold 100 400 14.08
After 4 hour fermentation
6 Salt 2 8 0.28
7 milk powder 5 20 0.70
8 Wheat Germ 4 16 0.56
9 Dried Cherries 50 200 7.04
10 Sesame seeds 2 8 0.28
11 Golden Raisins 38 152 5.35
12 Almond powder 30 120 4.22
13 Butter 20 80 2.82


You will notice that I have added almond powder to give it extra flavour and upon the request of a friend I have added Golden Raisins. Some readers may consider that the quantities of cherries, raisins and almonds to be quite high and if so you can lower the amounts otherwise the recipe may be on the expensive side, especially in Malaysia. The reason for the larger amount of cherries and raisins is that firstly, I was hoping it would look attractive and secondly it would be tastier. But the main reason is that, that is the smallest size packets they come in and I didn’t want to dish out half a packet and store the rest in the fridge. Oh, my God, if I did that they would be sitting in the fridge for the next two months.


Photos of  the almond orange cherry bread muffin cupcake process


Let’s have a look at what happened

muffin, cupcake, bread

Mixed all the sponge ingredients together. It does look a bit watery and this is the other brand of bread flour that I am using. If you look back at the previous recipe at recipe you will notice the sponge does not look this watery and is in fact much more ‘solid’.


Leave to ferment for 4 hours and in the meantime chop up the cherries into different sizes.

muffin, cupcake, bread

Some of the cherries are quartered some are cut to smaller pieces so that there will be cherries everywhere in the bread and there will be chewable chunks too. The cherries will look nice in the cupcake.



muffin, cupcake, bread

Mix all the additives together so that they will be evenly distributed and the flavours will be evenly distributed through out the cupcake.



muffin, cupcake, bread

Pour the additives into the sponge and add in the cherries.


muffin, cupcake, bread

Fold in all the ingredients on themselves.


muffin, cupcake, bread

Then scoop out 140g (5oz) into long cupcakes. This recipe made exactly 10 long cupcakes. Then I sprinkled some sesame seeds on top to make them look more attractive. You will notice that I laid the cupcakes on a tray so that it would be easier for me to put them into the oven and take them out. Now it is beginning to look like cupcakes.


muffin, cupcake, bread

They were baked at 210C (410F) for 20 minutes. I think I should have baked them at 180C (356F) like the previous recipe as the cupcake did begin to brown a little.








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