How to make a chilli sauce dip from fresh chillies

Chilli sauce dip extra hot


How to make chilli sauce dip from fresh chillies
chilli sauce dip from fresh chillies

I have a craving for chillies especially when I am pregnant … with ideas – got you there. I don’t know what it is but I just cannot resist chillies and I tend to eat them until my tongue has a hole burnt through.  When that happens I would have lost my sense of taste and that happens quite often and easily. So I do have difficulty eating. My previous attempt at making chilli sauce became a chilli paste. May be I could have left out the garlic in that recipe.

One of my readers from Japan had asked me how to make chilli sauce from chilli powder. I thought about it and I think it may be a bit tricky so I decided to try a chilli sauce formulation from fresh chillies and after more experimentation try to make a chilli sauce from chilli powder.








Modified sweet and sour preserve recipe for the chilli sauce dip

This recipe is very similar to a sweet and sour pickle recipe but I have changed the processing to ensure that all the bacteria in the chillies are destroyed. Last year when I made a sweet and sour chilli preserve I noticed that the mixture was boiling at 70C (158F) and a lot of the vinegar was evaporating away. I don’t think much of the bacteria would have been destroyed. This time around I have changed the process so that I can bring the solution to boil at a higher temperature. If you search the internet you will find many chilli sauce or chilli dip or preserve chilli recipes that use a lot of vinegar which can lower the boiling point of the solution.



The chilli sauce dip recipe


The Chilli Sauce Dip
Item Ingredients Percentage Weight Weight
(%) (g) oz.
1 Fresh Chillies 100 50 1.76
2 Sugar 100 50 1.76
3 Salt 6 3 0.1056
4 Water 500 250 8.8
5 Corn Starch 4 2 0.0704
6 Vinegar 100 50 1.76


You will notice that in this recipe I am using equal amounts of chilli, sugar and vinegar. You can leave out the corn starch or add extra to thicken it. I was trying to determine the point at which it will be thick enough so that a lot of the chilli sauce dip sticks to your crackers or fried prawns. 4% or 2g ( to the weight of the chillies) was insufficient to do anything.




Photos of the chilli sauce dip process


The recipe and the cooking process is simple enough and easy to carry out.


cp03cs01dicedchilli chilli sauce dip from fresh chillies












Firstly, remove the stalks from the chillies and clean them by rinsing in water. Then dice the chillies. I counted the number of chillies and it turned out that I had used 76 chillies to make 50g of chillies. These are the small or tiny variety they call chilli pedas or chilli padi. Most of them are less the 1.5 inches in length. Wash your hands with soap before handling any food and after handling the chillies.






cp03cs02boil chilli sauce dip from fresh chillies












Add the sugar, water, salt and chillies into a pot and bring to boil. Sugar solutions have a much higher boiling point and that would ensure that all the bacteria on the chillies will be destroyed. Hence don’t add the vinegar at this point. Let it boil for 2 to 5 minutes while stirring to ensure all the sugar is dissolved.




cp03cs03cornstarch chilli sauce dip from fresh chillies
















Weigh the corn starch. You can skip the corn starch if you want. Dissolve it in a little water and then added it to the chilli mixture.





cp03cs04boiledchilli chilli sauce dip from fresh chillies












Switch off the fire and allow it to cool a little then add in the vinegar and stir it quickly. This is looking more like a chilli sauce dip. It is brown in colour because I used brown sugar and apple cider vinegar – both of which are brown. These bring in a little extra flavouring. If I had used white sugar and industrial vinegar it would have been transparent.




cp03cs05chillisaucedip chilli sauce dip from fresh chillies
















I bottled it as my homemade chilli sauce dip. It was pretty good. In fact I started to dip some beef burgers into this chilli sauce dip. You could make this chilli sauce dip a bit thicker by adding more corn starch. I was trying to find the point at which it would be thick but need to try more experiments.



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This article on How to make a chilli sauce dip from fresh chillies was researched and written by Peter Achutha






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