How to make a bullseye egg in 30 seconds

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How to make a bullseye egg in 30 seconds


How to make a bullseye egg in 30 seconds – an introduction

It was one of those mornings. I woke up, the other day, from a restless night dreaming of hard boiled eggs. After all of my cooking experiments, here I was living off hard boiled eggs. Was my dream telling me that my life was becoming creative and fruitful? I had been very quiet on this blog as I had been preoccupied the past few weeks doing Real Estate, chasing property sellers and chasing property buyers. Do come and buy the properties I have on sale. Was I dreaming that I had too many hard boiled eggs and it was time for a change? I wonder. The dream was that of a metal pot filled with hard boiled eggs.


I guess I had enough of hardboiled eggs and it was time for a change. As I lay in bed, I reached out for a cup of coffee. It was a cup of coffee I had made the previous night, as usual. I do make my morning coffees the previous night at leave it beside my bed so that when I wake up I do not have to get out of bed. The coffee is ready to be sipped. What a coffee, what great coffee … the nectar of the gods. A thought floated across my mind, “Who was the genius who invented coffee?” Racing through my mental database I remembered a television (Does the word ‘television’ sound old fashioned? Do you know what a television is? Let me explain it, it’s to do with something about long distance pictures.) documentary that traced the history and the origins of coffee to the Ethiopians. My God, who would have guessed that the Ethiopians invented coffee?


Bullseye egg and the spice thyme continum

Ahhhh… the aroma of coffee. That first kick in the morning and then a long slow puff of the cigarette (Warning: Cigarette companies and governments should take note that I am not promoting cigarette smoking, here.) And another sip of that coffee and the world around me began to wake up. I wondered how on earth modern man could figure out that the earth revolves around the sun. What would the flat earth theorist do if they found out that the sun actually revolves around man? Then as the sun peeped through the slightly ajar bedroom curtains I remembered those hard boiled eggs. I thought about those hard boiled eggs. The yellow yolk in the centre was the sun and the white of the eggs was warped space time that held all the planets in their orbit. There was a pot of eggs in my dream, so that must be the universe with many suns and planets all caught in the expanding universe. Was the earth really flat? Or was it warped into something that looked like a sphere by space time. I guess I will have to look up my ‘soon to be published’ recipe book “The Theory of Relativity and Spice Thyme Continuum”. … I am thinking too much of food again … hunger beckons.


May be I should just try something different for a change. May be I should try a sunny side up egg for a change. May be I should get out of bed and change. Decisions, decisions, decisions. Life is a series of decisions and forks in the road. I lay there in bed contemplating the latest ultimate meaning in life. Hard boiled or sunny side up?


I remembered how my mom used to fry an omelette when we were kids. An egg used to cost RM0.10 (USD$0.03) back then in the 1960’s. Today an egg cost about RM0.40 (USD$0.13). Just imagine that the price had increased by fourfold. Do read my article on egg inflation and then just consider how expensive everything will be in your old age. If you do not have any medical insurance or anything invested in a proper fund manager or a proper pension plan or your own home, life is going to be very difficult for you in your old age. An age when you are too old to work to earn an income, an age when everything you took for granted, price of food, cost of medication, cost of renting a home, becomes too expensive for you to afford. And please do read my economics and financial blog.


Where was I? … Oh yes … that egg, the egg that changed my life.

It was one of those mornings when I was feeling lazy. Just considering taking out the heavy wok / kuali from the cupboard, pouring in a lot of oil to fry a bullseye egg made me lose my appetite, at least the appetite for the bullseye egg. At this rate I will skip breakfast again. There had to be a fast way of making a sunny side up bullseye egg. You may want to check out this site on bullseye egg.


The recipe for bullseye egg

1 egg

2 a little butter

3 pepper to flavour

4 salt to flavour



Photos of the bullseye egg making process


The one thing that I had dreaded about frying a bullseye egg was that it would splutter and there would be oil all over the kitchen floor. Secondly, a traditional bullseye egg comes out amoeba shape … at least the Malaysia bullseye egg does. I am going to show you a technique of making a perfectly round bullseye egg.



be01eg01rawegg bullseye egg
The first thing you need to do to make a bullseye egg is to contain the egg in a round container. The round container will ensure the shape of the egg is almost symmetrically round. Of course, you could use a square or star or other shaped container and then your bullseye egg will take any other shape you fancy. The container has to be glass or plastic. If you use plastic do check that the plastic will not warp when heated. From the picture above you will notice that I am using a glass ash tray to shape the bullseye egg.



be01eg00buttered bullseye egg
I forgot to mention that before you crack the egg into the ashtray do rub some butter on the dish. This will provide the wonderful flavour of butter in the bullseye egg and it will prevent the bullseye egg from sticking to the dish.



be01eg02withsaltpepper bullseye egg
Add pepper and salt. I am lazy that way, so I add pepper and salt before cooking rather than after cooking. The more you add the tastier the bullseye egg becomes … well most of the time.



be01eg03microve bullseye egg
Microwave the egg. It is best to use a cover, in this case a paper towel, to cover the bullseye egg so that it will not splatter all over the microwave oven. In my younger days, when I had nothing else to do, I had tried microwaving a whole egg, shell and all. The results can be quite entertaining as the egg explodes in the microwave. Now a days I do not microwave the whole egg with the shell, as the cleaning operation is tedious and the likely repair bill could be expensive.



be01eg04bullseye bullseye egg
My microwave oven is rated at 850 watts hence a 30 second microwave was sufficient to cook the eggs bullseye style and keep the yolk watery. They do look almost perfectly round bullseye eggs, don’t they? Better still no one would guess the bullseye egg was not fried. The more butter you add the tastier the bullseye egg gets.



be01eg05bullseye bullseye egg
When I tried microwaving for 40 seconds to make a bullseye egg the egg yolk became hard and cooked all the way through. It did not matter whether the eggs were cold and came straight out of the fridge or had warmed up to room temperature by leaving them out of the fridge for a few hours. The results were always almost the same – soft (30 seconds) or hard (40 seconds) yolk bullseye egg. The bullseye egg in the photo was in competition for the title of the ugliest egg in the world.



be01eg06bullseye  bullseye egg
What is the best way to eat a 30 second bullseye egg? I do love a bullseye egg in a sandwich.



Just to let you know I am still working on the chocolate cake recipe (& the bullseye egg) to improve it so that the bake time is about 10 minutes. I believe this is possible with a cake that is not crumbly. In the mean time I had to let you know about eggs. There is more I would like to mention about eggs and lecithin but that has to be for another day.

Please do note that your microwave oven may have a higher or lower power rating from mine, so you may try bullseye egg recipe a few times with different cooking times before you get your bullseye egg to your liking.


This article on “Hot to make a bullseye egg in 30 seconds” was researched and written by Peter Achutha.







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