jake goh oil paintings

Jake Goh Painting Paris

Jake Goh Painting Paris

jake goh oil paintings


You wouldn’t believe what I did today. Actually, I myself didn’t believe it too. Someone pinch me. Am I dreaming? While I was delivering stock of my short story book, Perfect Love & Other Stories, ISBN 978-983-44525-6-8, in Ampang Complex I saw this art shop on the first floor.

I must tell you that I do not know anything about art, or of Jake Goh, end of story. So, I walked into this art shop and Eugene introduced me to some of the pictures and showed me the newspaper write up on Jake Goh, the artist. His, Jake’s, shop is on the 1st Floor, Ampang Park Shopping Centre, Jalan Ampang, 50450 Kuala Lumpur. I would suggest you go take a look as he is showcasing most of his works during March 2011. I was impressed by two of the paintings and I bought them. I am now an owner of two oil paintings. See the pictures above and below.


  Jake Goh – The first painting

jake goh, oil paintings












I really do like pictures from an early era. It’s from the days when the Europeans were just being liberated from their Victorian ways. I don’t know whether these pictures depicted that era or a later period. But those were the days when women began to lift their skirts up a little. Now days we have miniskirts and micro miniskirts. Those days raising their skirts just above the ankles was consider sacrilegious or erotic depending on the point of view of the observer. Can you just imagine that – men getting excited by the sight of a woman’s feet? … I tell you the truth … there are societies, today, where men have never seen a nude women … even after making babies. What has happened to us?


Jake Goh – the second painting

jake goh, oil paintings












Nowadays, porn is free and freely available everywhere. What happened to romanticism?



Visit Jake Goh

Go take a look at Jake’s gallery, you might find a little treasure.


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