The cheats method of making cheese sprinkled croissants

The easy way of making croissants as a dessert or for breakfast or for …

croissants that are a little long

Honestly, this was my forst attempt at making croissants outside baking school. In baking school we had to go through the whole process of making puff pastry and cutting and rolling it into nice shapes. As you know I am going to show you the cheats method as I too am looking for shortcuts in not just baking but in life too. So here goes a nice and simple way to make your pastry desert for breakfast lunch and dinner … actually I was having croissants round the clock. Can you imagine that?

The Cheats Croissant Recipe

I am very proud of my croissant recipe. Its the cheats recipe. All you need to do is to go down to your supermarket … they call them hypermarkets these days and to be even more superlative or bombastic they may call the Divamarkets in the future. Image that, how we are hyperventilating to get more sales. Basic terms like supermarkets are not good enough to get hyped up sales for mundane items? … where was I? pastry for croissants?

So the basic concept of the Cheats Method is to buy your own frozen puff pastry sheets and do something with it. By the way they have phyllo pastry, filo pastry, puff pastry and danish pastry. If you would like more explanation please refer to the difference between phyllo pastry and puff pastry.

You don’t need to struggle with how to make the pastry. Best still you don’t even need to roll out the pastry into sheets that look professionally done.


Video on the cheats puff pastry croissants

This is a simple video showing my inexperience at making croissants but I assure you that I will be an skilled expert in a few days time.

In the video you would have noticed that I sprinkled some grated cheese into the croissants. This was because I was craving for pizzas. You guessed it, it was that time of the month when the cravings come. I mean almost at the end of the month when you are almost broke.


 Modify the croissants, the classical French pastry sacrilege

It must be that time of the month. I am hungry and no pizza in sight. Next time I am going to place chilli sauce, fish sauce and durians into my croissants.


I hope you enjoyed your croissants.


This article on the cheats method of making cheese sprinkled croissants was researched and written by Peter Achutha, 6th August 2015

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