high fiber orange juice with bioflavonoids and pectin diet

High fiber orange juice

I never thought the day would come when I would be making orange juice everyday. I was looking for a low cost high fiber drink and I hit upon the idea of juicing oranges. A well juiced orange becomes a really good budget drink that is fresh and healthy as it will be filled with the water soluble fiber pectin and bioflavonoids that help in the absorption of vitamin C and other nutrients.


Nutritional value of oranges

There are many benefits of consuming oranges. Firstly, the pectin, a type of carbohydrate, in the peel of the orange is water soluble and helps clear your gut of unwanted material after digestion. Secondly, the orange peel has many phytonutrients that are beneficial to the human body. Oranges are a good source of thiamin, folate and vitamin A.


The other thing you may notice is that some oranges have thick skins, the white is very thick. These would probably contain more bioflavonoids and pectin. The resulting juice would be thicker too. If you need your juice to be dilute add more water.


More info on oranges

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Video on juicing the whole orange

Here I show you how to juice the whole orange with a blender. You can dilute the blended juice to make it easier to drink or you can make it as thick as you like. I have added grapefruit and kiwi fruit to be blended together.

In my case I could not add apples to blend with oranges as apples made my Fasting Blood Sugar Level rise the next morning. This means that if you are diabetic do test it out to check if apples make your blood sugar rise. I would think that almost all fruits will increase your blood sugar level. It would be best for diabetics to blend fruits that are lower in sugar content or take half or less of the fruits or skip a day or two between fruit drinks or exercise a lot everyday.


The juice tasted good. Its is really good for your diet.


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