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Coconut milk or santan coffee

santan coffee

Santan coffee is really really delicious

Santan or coconut milk

In South East Asia coconut milk is know as santan. You would not believe how delicious coconut milk is until you try out the freshly squeezed santan. I have been drinking it for the past few months and found out there are different qualities of santan on the market.


Flavoured Santan or coconut milk

About two to three months ago, I began to drink half a cup of coconut milk everyday to help me improve my health. One coconut can produce about one cup of santan. It was then that I noticed that there were some differences between santan sold in different markets. Some stalls that grated and squeezed the coconuts made coconut milk that was more bland then others. I found that some stalls squeezed really delicious coconut milk. Still need to do more research on this but when I approached on of these stalls in Taman Megah market they were opening very hostile about this and asked me to buy form others and not to come back to them.


Another supplier in PJ Old Town market told me not to buy from others as her coconut milk will last longer then others. The next day my mom almost vomited and had a bad stomach ache. When I drank her coconut milk my joint pains came back for two days. Honesty, I do not know whether she had added some preservatives or chemicals to make her santan last longer or whether there was some toxic bacteria brewing in her santan.


That was the end of buying santan from these two suppliers.

In the end I began to do my own research and started to add flavours to coconut milk.


Kopi Santan or Coconut Milk coffee

I tried making coffee with coconut milk and it was delicious. A little sugar does compensate for the variations in the coconut milk flavour from different suppliers. I am still a diabetic so I have limited myself to two teaspoons of sugar. I wonder if I should have added a pinch of salt to the drink too.


Making kopi santan video

To your health drinking Santan or coconut milk coffee

I could drink tons of this stuff if it was free but I will need to drink a lot of cold water too. It can be simply delicious


This article on santan or coconut milk coffee was researched and written by Peter Achutha, 30th April 2017

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