the cheats way of making durian jelly as a desert

Isn’t gelatine good for health, so make more durian jelly?

the cheats way to make durian jelly

You wouldn’t believe it but it was one of those days when I thought nothing would go right. That day I decided to try my hand at cheating. Not real cheating as in committing some crime but a paltry version … just a simple bluff or distraction so that no one knew what I did. Yes, processing durians is not as simple as it may appear so I tried pre-processed durians to make a durian jelly.

How to make jelly

I had made durian creme caramel before and now decided to make a durian jelly but make it the cheats way. For those of you who are new to making jelly please visit this link that explains how to make firm, tender or delicate jelly as this is where I picked up the formulations for making jelly.


Gelatin is good for health

I always knew that gelatin or gelatine was good for health. Just Google for “is jelly good for health” and I found some good articles. Please read how gelatine is good for joints and great health benefits of gelatine and there are lots more articles on the internet.

For muslims, one must take note that not all gelatine is halal as the animals may have not been slaughtered the muslim way but there is vegetarian gelatin now available. I have not tried the vegetarian gelatine yet.

Having said that lets make some jelly.


Video on the cheats way to make durian jelly

Do watch the video and I hope you will be amazed at the “cheats method for every kind of recipe” that I have been working on for the last 3 to 4 years.


 Here is the durian jelly recipe

Durian Jelly Recipe
Item Description Percentage Qty (g)
1 Water 100.00% 1,000
Total 100.00% 1,000
Jelly solution
2 gelatine 2.80% 28
3 Sugar 15.00% 150
4 Water 10.00% 100
Subtotal 278
Final Jelly Mix
4 Water 100.0% 1000
5 Yellow colouring A few drops
6 Durian Flavouring A few drops
Subtotal 1,000
Total 1,278


 Delicious durian jelly

I guess you now have an alternative method of making durian jelly. I bet you that this will be simplest method you will ever come across and it makes a mighty tasty jelly which tastes like jelly if your flavoring is not strong enough.


This article on the cheats way of making durian jelly was researched and written by Peter Achutha, 25th July 2015

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