how to make a tasty tomato juice drink

Tomato juice can be really tasty and nutritious.

a cup of tomato juice
I never thought I would be making tomato juice until I watched Laura Calder on French Food at Home TV show explaining her tomato soup. Of course her soup had a lot more ingredients and looked delicious. So I decided to try something that will work with our local tomatoes. Our local tomatoes are not as tasty as the imported varieties so that would make it more interesting to come out with something simple easy and yet tasty.I did it. I managed to make a tomato juice that was tasty or rather delicious for me. And I think I was becoming addicted to the stuff. … just a warning in case you too like it but then everyone has different sense of taste and taste buds and prior prejudice and subjective sensibilities.

Since my last article which was on parking meters, I have decided to get back to blogging about food. I have carried out many experiments on bread, bun and pizza making and now looking at sauces, juices to excite my palate and hopefully will be very appealing to you guys and girls.


I was becoming a couch potato and getting worried about being a permanent fixture in front of the TV when I saw Laura Calder make the French tomato soup. That got me thinking. Here was something quite simple that could get me out of my couch and begin experimenting again with food. It was only tomato juice and how difficult could it be.


My tomato juice recipe

a cup of tomato juice
As you can see from the photo on the left it truly is a simple recipe. Three tomatoes, 3 limes and 3 shallots.
tomato juice recipeThe recipe says for any amount of tomatoes use half as much limes and a tenth of shallots. Add salt (1/200) and sugar (1/14) to flavor.


The tomato juicing process

place in blender
Place all the sliced tomatoes and shallots and the squeezed lime juice in a blender. I added salt so as ‘improve’ the flavour. Salt will reduce the raw vegetable flavor in vegetables and so when ever I am preparing and raw vegetable dish I will add some salt. The sugar is there to shift the flavour a little and not as a sweetener.


blend slowly at minimum speed


switch to the fastest speed
Once everything is crushed and mixed switch the blending speed to the fastest possible. This will break up all the larger pieces so that the drink will be smoother. I blended for 1 minute at the fastest speed.


delicious drink
There you are a delicious tomato juice drink. Serve it chilled better yet if your blender can crush ice, add ice at the end, to be crushed like a smoothie.

I guess I have become sort of addicted to this type of recipe and will be trying it out with other fruits and vegetables. I do hope you do enjoy the fresh taste of this drink and I think kids who do not like vegetable would love this drink.

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