How to make liposomal vitamin c gel

Liposomal vitamin C gel


how to make liposomal vitamin c gel

In the last experiment on liposomal vitamin c I had mentioned that I would give up trying more experiments on liposomal vitamin c. But it bugged me too much that this thing called lecithin was laughing in my face … in my face. You would think that I could not be defeated my a mere blob of lecithin but I was. There it was, grinning like a Cheshire cat totally oblivious to my utter frustration at its stubbornness to behave the way I wanted it to behave.


One thing I learned during my rubber industry days was that materials unlike electronic circuits, never behave the way you want them too. With electronic circuits you can make them behave the way you want them too. Unfortunately, materials are not the same. You have to follow the behaviour of materials and not the materials follow your requirements. This was a culture shock when I moved from electronic engineering to rubber technology. Having remembered this, I took out some old stock of raw materials and decided to checkout the behaviour of lecithin.

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