how to make moist tender wholemeal bread with atta flour

wholemeal bread with Atta flour which is tender and does not dry up quickly


wholemeal bread with atta flour moist and tender
moist and tender wholemeal bread with Atta flour

Sorry I have been a bit slow on this blog for the past one to two months as I have been try to launch my latest book on stock markets. The preparation and the amount of time and work has just been phenomenal. In fat now I have a back log of article to publish here on this blog. I have been working on improving the “soon to be famous” chilli sauce … hopefully not for the wrong reasons.  I have gone back to wholemeal bread using Atta flour. Atta flour is an Indian term for wholemeal flour and there are many grades of Atta flour just as with other flours. The better grades are high in fiber content. Traditionally, Atta flour is used to make Atta roti or chapati but I am using it here to make a loaf of bread.


The normal way of making wholemeal bread is to get the individual components and mix them together, the components being bread flour, wheat bran, wheat germ. Wholemeal flour or Atta flour is flour where the whole grain has been ground in to flour. Hence there is no need to re-constitute the wholemeal ingredients. When you use wholemeal flour to make bread you will find that the dough is heavy and difficult to rise. It is not difficult to make wholemeal bread with wholemeal flour.


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