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Simple pork soup

simple pork soup meat
I was one of those days when I decided to go back to basics to make a pork soup with the minimal of ingredients.


Minimal ingredients for pork soup

When I said minimal, I really meant it. This recipe had only garlic, ginger and pepper. For salt I had used fish sauce. Actually I forgot to add the fish sauce when I was grinding the spices so I added it later. Much to late so the inner parts of the meat tasted as if there was insufficient salt but the outer parts of the meat tasted good.


Recipe for pork soup

Ingredients amount units
Pork Bones with some meat 1 kg
Garlic 9 grams
Ginger 53 grams
Ground Pepper 2 grams
Fish Sauce 1-2 tablespoons


You could use salt instead of fish sauce. I find fish sauce gives better flavour. Adjust the amount of fish sauce or salt to taste.


I used a slow cooker to cook the bones for four and a half hours. If you do not have a slow cooker you could bring the bones to boil then lower the temperature or the flames so that it just about simmers and cover the pot with a heavy lid. If you are cooking this dish in a pot and not in a slow cooker than keep checking that the water has not dried out. If it has too little water add a little more water.


Video on pork bones soup

In the video I forgot to add the fish sauce and some water while grinding the spices. This would have made the spices into a fine paste. My apologies for that. Furthermore, I did not pour the stock into a bowl so that it would look like soup as I was saving it for later. Here in the video I just served the bones and meat with chilies.


The pork bone soup was really good.


This article on a simple pork soup was researched and written by Peter Achutha, 26th January 2017.

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