refreshing homemade drink of apple juice with ice cream soda

Apple juice with soda makes a refreshing drink


granny smith apple
After the last homemade tomato juice I decided to try out a similar recipe with apples. This can be tricky as there are a whole variety of apples. I decided to go with the Granny Smith apples which are imported form New Zealand and France. They are smaller than other varieties and slightly on the sour side and are really crisp to the bite. In fact of all the variety of apples the Granny Smith is my favorite. Unlike the tomato juice, I did not add sugar or salt but substituted the sugar with Ice Cream Soda from F&N. Ice cream soda is quite delicious on its own so I decide to add ice cream soda as the sweetener.


apple juice fruits
As you can see form the photo on the left the natural apple juice recipe is quite simple. It’s just 3 apples and 3 limes to make the raw apple juice. Wash them thoroughly and remove the stickers. You do not want to blend the stickers too, right? And you do not want whatever chemicals or insecticides sprayed on the fruits to be in your fruity drink, do you?

Apple Juice Recipe
the recipe


how to make fresh apple juice at home


slice them smaller
Slice them and remove the seeds and the ends. Don’t keep them out for too long if not they will begin to brown. Quickly slice them into smaller pieces and put them in the blender and add the lime. Smaller pieces are easier to blend.
slice them smaller
Slice them smaller. I quartered the apples and found that they stuck in the blender – that is what you are seeing. So do slice the quarters into a further thirds or quarters. After slicing them smaller, I added a little ice cream soda to get the blender blending again.I had used cold apples so that when blended I did not need to wait for them to chill in the fridge.


squeeze the limes
Squeeze all the limes into blender so that they will stop the apples from turning brown and provide an acidic kick to the drink. Actually, I spent the last 3 years looking for a reliable lime juicer and could not find any. For a while, I was using a small hand held coconut press until it buckled under the pressure required to squeeze the limes. So my hand held squeezer is now not worth using for anything. This is the reason a proper lime squeezer is necessary, like the one shown in the picture.
lime juicer
I managed to find the lime juicer at a shop near the post office in Bangsar. Its a half shop and sells a lot of cooking and baking equipment – Cook Boutique next to the clinic in the photo and a few doors away from the post office.


blend slowly
Blend on the slowest speed as it is very dry formulation and can slip and stop blending. If it slips and spins without the apples moving, add a little ice cream soda to wet the mixture. Do not add too much as the ice cream soda can lose all its bubbles. So keep it for after blending. This will allow you to have plenty of bubbles in the drink.


a good drink
After blending pour into a glass, filling about two thirds of the glass with unsweetened apple juice, then fill the balance with ice cream soda and stir. That is how to make a carbonated juice and enjoy. My fruits were in the fridge so they were cold. You could chill the apple juice in the fridge and then when serving add the ice cream soda. A one third soda and two third apple juice will taste more like and apple juice. If you had half apple juice and half soda then it will taste more of soda.You would notice that the drink is a green apple juice and not the typical brown color. The green color makes it look appetizing and delicious. It does stay green because the lime juice stops the apples from oxidizing to a brown color.I did not filter the apple juice as it contains a lot of pectin which is very good for your gut. You could use coffee filters and filter the apple juice to make it more clear drink.It’s a delicious green juice.


What can you mix vodka with?

Well, now that is a serious question that many have contemplated upon over the centuries. From people like Johnny Walker, Jim Bean, Remy Martin, Bailey, Macchu Pisco to Plato and Socrates and Peter Achutha. Was there a correlation between the rise of intellectualism and wine consumption? So now, I two shall add my two cents worth of momentous pondering.  How to mix vodka? Just pour as much as you like and give it a little stir and sip slowly until you see two moons rising.

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