rays live band pub in petaling jaya playing western music

Pub and bar in Petaling Jaya with live band playing Western music

pub and bar with live music in Petaling Jaya
I had some good times at this pub. The atmosphere is clean as it has an open window concept. This keeps the air very fresh inside.

Types of beers served

They serve many types of beers and a cider. They have Tiger, Stout, Heineken and the cider is Strongbow. If you have not tried cider I would suggest you try their Strongbow. I have had the Tiger beer, The Guiness Stout, The Heineken and the Strongbow. Good God, I have tried everything.


The Rays Bar for a fun time with a live band

live band with retro music
The owners prefer to call their place a bar instead of a pub and they have a live band on Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Seeth calls it Retro Music and I think as I am not a musician and partially deaf a lot of the bands music is from the 1980’s +/-10 years.


Also on Sundays they provide authentic home cooked food. Most days you can order in food from the nearby restaurants like chicken wings and satay. With a crowd capacity of 100 people you can hold functions to entertain your friends here too.


live band with retro music
Ladies Night is on Tuesdays.


owners of the bar
Come chit chat with the owners, Seeths R. Nair and Joyce Godwin and unwind after a long day or just mingle around over the weekends.


Actually, when I first found the Rays place, I complained to Seeths that there are some pubs serving watered down Strongbow. I love cider and do know how real cider tastes. So she served me her Strongbow cider which was bottled with a different coloured label, than the one I had seen in other pubs. This was real cider.


Location map of Rays Cafe and Bar

location map of Rays Cafe


Remember the Silver Threads Pub, well Seeths and Joyce took over and renovated the place and renamed it to Rays Cafe.


Oh, here is their Facebook page at https://m.facebook.com/raysss3/.  Lets see you there one of these days.



This article was researched and written by Peter Achutha – 24 February 2016

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