petaling jaya ss3 delicious chicken wings and satay

Chicken wings and stay are one of the favourite Malaysian foods

chicken wings coffee shop in SS3, Petaling Jaya, Selangor Malaysia
I have tried my share of making chicken wings but never really made something that I could shout about. They were mostly something that I could cry about. That is the reason I do try chicken wings sold in town.

Chicken wings must be served with a delicious sauce

Chicken wings must be served with a delicious sauce. I have tried making various types of chili sauces but have not made something that was really delicious. Generally, they vary in ingredients and some are hotter than others. Most have quiet a bit of refined sugar or palm sugar. The bite comes from the vinegar. Many use salt and some use soy sauce for seasoning. I have never tried adding chicken stock into the chili sauce.


Found a chicken wings specialist

I do try the foods served in the coffee shops in SS3, Petaling Jaya. Then one day I noticed that there was this Malay lady having her chicken wings and satay stall at one of the coffee shops nearby. I had to try the chicken wings so I ordered some … actually 10 chicken wings to take home.


When I got home I found them simply delicious especially with her chili sauce. I have been going back to her for more chicken wings. I have seen many of her customers order the stay too but I am not a fan of satay so I cannot tell you how good they are.
chicken wings and stay chef with her son

Meet Ami. She is the one who operates the stall and cooks the chicken wings and satay. And that is her son on the right. Her food is halal so Muslims too can enjoy the chicken wings and the satay.


Location of chicken wings and satay stall

Ami's stall
The map above shows the location of her stall at Siong Pin Restaurant. She opens at 6pm and closes at midnight. In the early days the chicken wings would finish by 9:30pm so do get there early. There is a variety of food available from the three coffee shops, Restaurnat Siong Pin, Kuan Yew coffee shop and Restoran Hup Soon. Kuan Yew and Hup Soon have western dishes like fish & chips and steak with garlic or mushroom sauce. And if you need some beer and music there is Rays Cafe which is a pub and there are other pubs nearby.


I hope you do enjoy her chicken wings and satay. Thanks Ami for the delicious chicken wings.


This article was written and researched by Peter Achutha – 23 Feb 2016.



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