how to use a parking meter without breaking parking enforcement laws

Heavily used parking meters are everywhere

small change first
My God, you need to look at the state of parking meters in Klang Valley. It is just atrocious. Some do not work and others are difficult to use. You just cannot see whats on the display.Here was one that I had difficulty using. The display was blank. That means I had to count how much money I had inserted into the parking meter.Of course all the instructions had been covered by the syndicates pasting stickers and bills all over the country.


Photos of damaged meters

Do look at the pictures below. They show many that are damaged.

badly scratched screen
opaque screen
completely scratched display
mesin rosak
blue display
How can people do such damage? It may be that after running around looking for working parking meters and not finding one, in their frustration, they then damage them. That is not the right attitude.You must treat the parking meter gently. It was designed to do a specific function and nothing more. But the damaged ones should be replaced quickly.


Tips and Tricks as to how to handle them

insert small coins first
Firstly while the weather is clear,1. Determine how long you plan to wait. The rate are as follows:A. Puchong is RM0.50 per hour,B. Petaling Jaya is RM0.60 per hour

C. Shah Alam is RM.40 per hour.


2. Enter your car number plate numeric values. This will let you know if the meter is dead. If it does not respond, run around until you find another meter. In general, it will display what you keyed in. If it does display what you keyed in then the meter is working.


3. Then take out the smallest change you have, probably a 10 sen coin and drop that into the slot. Did the unit register the coin. If it did and displays how much time you have paid for, then carry on inserting coins. If it did not then try the refund button. If money does not come out when you turn the refund button, I must say tough luck … don’t kick the meter as you foot would probably hurt more then the meter.


Go find another one.
wait for ticket to be issued
If you managed to insert all the coins you needed, then press the print ticket button and wait for the ticket to drop out from the bottom.If it has just rained don’t expect to get any ticket out of the machine as rain water has flowed inside and wet the paper roll and the exit chute of the ticket. They ticket will be jammed in there until the sun comes out and dries up all the machines. So don’t expect any tickets to be issued. Just place a “Mesin Rosak” notice on your car windshield.


Who cares for parking enforcement law


It looks like we are becoming more and more lawless each passing day. Just to show how lazy we are getting and easy way to park a car. Most of us did not understand basic algebra and geometry in school so now we are handicapped as to how to determine the parking area for a car.


It looks like the more car parking lots there are the less we use them properly. Or just may be we think that the car parking laws, rules nd regulations are stupid laws.
is tingkat 2 double parking
rich can park anyhow
taking up two parking lots is ok
leave a note that the parking meters are damaged
no need to park in the parking lot
does not know how to park the car

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