milling organic flour from wheat berries at the white brick oven

Milling organic wheat flour at the White Brick Oven

Mustaffa's stone mill for grinding organic wheat flour

Mustaffa’s stone mill

It was one of those days when I was in a panic as I had been testing out various flours and found that most of them had many additives in order to ‘improve’ the wheat flour. I am an amateur baker and had spent many months trying to find out why some batches of flour had wonderful aroma and taste, some had no aroma, some had a stink (probably stored wrongly) and some batches had no flavor.


Bread additives, bread improvers, enzymes and chemicals

It was frightening when the flour quality varies from batch to batch, month to month as you could not commit to good quality bread to anyone. Many are loaded with bread improvers and additives, chemicals and enzymes which are not labelled on the packet of flour. That is frightening when you want to upgrade yourself from home baker to amateur baker and need to master the skills of a professional baker. If you are a home baker and make bread once in a while, you will find that many of these bread flours with all sorts of additives are very helpful and make you look like an expert baker. Unfortunately, you will have no understanding of making bread when you use these types of flours. Worst still if you are using a bread making machine. You wouldn’t need any brains either as you just dump everything into the machine and switch it on. What did you learn form that? How to switch on a switch?


Worst still since middle of 2015 I had been struggling with awful flour quality. Some baked loaves had no aroma, some baked loaves had no flavour, and some had both aroma and flavour and some flours made the bread stink. Initially I though it was my fault and I had spent many months changing yeast brands and flour brands and found I had no control over my product. Eventually, I began to believe that it was bad flour. That was when I began to search for suppliers who milled bread flour from wheat berries in front of my eyes.


Organic flour milled on a stone mill

Search through the internet I found the White Brick Oven.
The White Brick Oven entrance
The White Brick Oven is located in a Malay kampung (village) in Sungei Buloh. Right down the garden pathway is a cosy kampung restaurant and bakery serving fresh breads with butter and jam and coffee and tea.

The White Brick oven is owned and run by a husband and wife team, Mustaffa and Mardia. Mustaffa is the Master Baker and his wife runs the restaurant. Mustaffa is English and originally from Southern England and they moved back to Malaysia about 10 to 15 years ago and set up the bakery. They make really delicious cakes too.


Grinding organic wheat flour

When Mustaffa told me that he does grind some organic wheat I had to try some. So I bought a kilo of organic wheat flour. Later I came back with some friends to enjoy some sourdough bread and coffee.
visiting the White Brick Oven with friends

When I came back the second time he showed us the milling operation.

There you are, now you have seen how to make freshly ground organic wheat flour.

The bakery is located at:-

14, Jalan Gajah, Kampung Kubu Gajah, 47000 Sungai Buloh, Selangor, Malaysia

Do use Google Maps to find your way here.

For more information do speak to Mardia at 018-350 3068


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