mass frying papadums or appalams so that they are flatter

quick way of frying many papadums or appalams together

mass frying papadums appalams
Well I started these set of experiments for fun as I loved eating papadums or appalams. If I am correct, the Northern Indians use the term papadum and the Southern Indians use the term appalams. And for your information there are many spellings for papadum as in papadom, papadam, papad … and it looks like Google has standardised it to Papadum.


Back to eating papadums

I loved to eat papadums especially with mutton curry or dhal curry. Unfortunate we never think of frying papadums. So I thought there mus be a faster way to make a lot of them and store them in a tin for when the papadum would go well with the curry. Papadums can store for weeks if placed in a tightly covered tin. I know because I have stored them and forgotten about them for weeks.


I ran a few experiments and found that you can actually stack a few appalams (I switch from using the term papadam to appalam so that my ancestor won’t be turning in their graves. … Come to think of it, I don’t think they will be turning in their graves as they had been cremated.) together and deep fry them. A lot depends upon the brand of appalam you buy. Some can only be stacked 4 at a time where as other brands can be stacked 6 at a time.


Video on frying appalams / papadums

Delicious appalam or papadums

Actually they are quiet delicious and probably better to eat than biscuits as biscuits are loaded with sugars and if you eat too much biscuits you may end up with diabetes – the mother of all diseases.

I guess I would need to eat a lot of appalams as a biscuit substitute and appalams are really ‘snacky’ and salty and tasty and … did I mention delicious?


This article on mass frying papadums or appalams so that they are flatter was researched and written by Peter Achutha, 21st July 2015.

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