No kneading no improver homemade bread recipe with batter and dough method

Easiest method to make homemade bread

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I had so much difficulty getting any bread improver that I decided to make my own bread improver. You would not believe how delicious this bread is until you taste it yourself. It is shorter loaf of bread and it really needs no kneading. The secret is in the Batter and Dough method. I will show you how to make yeast bread.

 Bread improver in Malaysia

Please do not waste your time hunting for bread improvers. Most of them have short shelf life so by the time you purchase them they have expired and will not do anything for your dough. They are just a waste of money. I will show you something that is cheaper then bread improver and is very effective.

Actually, since I began baking bread a few years ago I began to suspect that a lot of bread in Malaysia is not made from bread flour but something that is much cheaper and hence they have to add a lot of chemicals and improvers to bring back the ‘breadyness’ of their breads. I tell you that once you make your own bread you will not want to eat the garbage they are selling in the shops. All of you should try baking bread at home.


No knead bread is homemade bread without bread machine

The Batter and Dough method of making bread is ideal for making homemade bread and for those who do not have any bread making machines as there is no kneading required. The steps are simple in that you make a batter with some of the bread flour. Make the batter first and let it soak to bring out the gluten and then do the dough making. By the way I am using bread flour in the recipe.


The bread recipe – ingredients of bread

Bread Extra Rise Recipe
Item Description Percentage Qty (g)  RM/kg RM US$
1 Bread Flour 100.00% 400
Total 100.00% 400
2 Bread Flour 20.00% 80 RM7.78 RM0.62 $0.17
3 Yeast Instant 2.00% 8 RM23.00 RM0.18 $0.05
4 Sugar 6.00% 24 RM4.00 RM0.10 $0.03
5 Water 66.00% 264 RM0.00 RM0.00 $0.00
Subtotal 376 RM1.21 $0.33
5 Bread Flour 80.00% 320 RM7.78 RM2.49 $0.67
6 Table Salt 2.00% 8 RM3.00 RM0.02 $0.01
7 Palm Oil 7.00% 28 RM3.60 RM0.10 $0.03
Subtotal 356 RM2.30 $0.62
Total 732 RM3.52 $0.95


 Bread making video

Do watch the video and it shows you the whole bread making process. There are some parts based up time lapse photography to short the one hour soak and the proofing period.

Follow the video and you will have delicious home baked bread.


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There is a joy in baking bread and the aroma that fills the kitchen is simply unbelievable.


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