increase metabolic rate with raw garlic and virgin coconut oil

Raw garlic can increase your metabolic rate

raw garlic
I love eating garlic, in fact I love the aroma of garlic wafting through the kitchen. Its a wonder that the Lord God made such a wonderful herb. It protects us from viruses, bacteria, fungi and others. There are other properties such as increasing your metabolic rate.


Eating raw garlic makes you feel very hot

I began eating raw garlic about 25 to 30 years ago, around the 1990’s. I read a book on healing properties of common garden variety vegetables and decided to try raw garlic.


It was then during those early days when I found out that eating more than one clove of garlic a day can make your body very hot. The heat could be very uncomfortable especially if you do not live in a cold climate or have no air conditioner. I had tried two or more cloves of raw garlic at a time and found to my dismay that my body became so hot that I developed a bad sore throat and a flu. Image that a flu. Yes I was sick for almost a month. After that incident I stuck to one raw clove of garlic per day.


How to eat raw garlic cloves

I found that the best way for me to eat raw garlic was to slice it on toast and cover the slice with another slice of toast to trap the allicin formed.

Protection with raw garlic vapour

You would have noticed that in the video I mentioned chewing the garlic in the toast and slowly inhaling in or breathing in slowly through the mouth. This will allow the garlic vapours to enter your bloodstream through the lungs. As allicin has a short life this is the fastest way to get it into your blood stream. Swallowing the chewed food would get it into the digestive tract and it would be a slower process of absorption. I noticed this as I was a heavy chain smoker for over 30 years and thought that breathing in water soluble vapours would speed up the absorption into the blood stream.


Increasing metabolic rate

Why would you want to increase your metabolic rate? I tried it because I wanted to reduce the fat around my tummy. As I am a diabetic now, I needed a way to reduce fat in my body without much exercise. So I began to consume raw garlic and a desert spoon of virgin coconut oil to push up my metabolic rate. At this moment, as I am a diabetic, I cannot tell you if it is reducing the fat as the increase in metabolic rate goes towards reducing the blood sugar.
blood sugar rise and fall with eggs and cheese
From the chart above you will see that shredded cheese shoots up your blood sugar where as hard boiled eggs do not. The lesson form here is if you are diabetic or on a diet try to reduce your intake of cheese. You may find a better drop in blood sugar or in your weight with raw garlic and virgin coconut oil.


This article on increasing your metabolic rate with raw garlic and virgin coconut oil was researched and written by Peter Achutha, 11 February 2017

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