how to open a durian fruit easily

Easy way to open a durian

durian fruit on the ground
Actually I decided to write this article after I watched Deeks of NCIS Los Angeles chop a durian fruit open.

It is very straight forward if you know where to begin. Turn the durian and view the bottom of the fruit. Look of separation lines that indicate where the durian shell segments meet. Use a strong knife or chopper and poke and split the segments apart. That is it.

If you wanted to know more about the varieties of Malaysian durians visit Durian 101


Opening a durian from the garden video

I opened the first durian fruit to fall in my mom’s garden and recorded in this video.




Durian for cheesecake video

I wanted to make a durian cheesecake. Durian cheesecakes are delicious and flavour depend a lot on the durian you buy. I forgot which durian I bought. It was either a Raja Kunyit or a Musang King fruit for a RM100 (US$23). That is why durian cheesecakes can be as expensive as RM200 (US$46.50) to RM300 (US$70) if the whole fruit is used. Its worth it if you can afford it as good quality durian cheesecakes are simply delicious. You can make the cheesecake with D24 or with X.O. But I am very weary of X.O. as some durian sellers claim D24 is X.O. and others point to a more expensive fruit as durian X.O. Beware of fake Musang Kings and other expensive varieties.

Once you opened the durian you are in for a real treat. The aroma of the fruit is gorgeous and the creamy durian flesh is smooth and delicious.


Now tell Deeks not to chop the durian.


This article on how to open a durian fruit easily was researched and written by Peter Achutha – 29 December 2015.

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