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In my last article I was showing you how to make white bread with the Batter and Dough method. With this method I did not have to knead the bread and it is really easy to make bread with just a little effort. And I had introduce the concept of lower dough viscosity to make the bread rise quickly and a lot more. This was done by adding a little vegetable oil as a substitute bread improver. This is how to make bread rise a lot more.

A side note: I have been only working on bread recipes with yeast as such recipes are a lot more tastier. The focus is on homemade white bread recipe. I believe that once you do home baked bread you will never buy the low quality stuff the sell in the shops.

In this article I wanted to show you how to get smooth crust and let it rise more without the gas tunnels that allow the gases to escape and preventing the bread to rise a lot more.


As a result of many experiments I found out that instead of kneading you can use a rolling pin to spread out the clumps of gluten. Use the rolling pin the stretch out the dough a few times. This “rolling pin method” is very much easier than kneading. When you sprinkle some flour and use the rolling pin to stretch out and spread the gluten clumps the bread crust will be smooth after baking.

In the video you will see how I go from making a batter to making a dough ad then baking it in the oven.

Ingredients for bread dough recipe

Bread Extra Rise Dough Recipe
Item Description Percentage Qty (g) RM US$
1 Bread Flour 100.00% 400
Total 100.00% 400
2 Bread Flour 30.00% 120 RM6.56 RM0.79 $0.21
3 Yeast Instant 2.00% 8 RM23.00 RM0.18 $0.05
4 Sugar 6.00% 24 RM4.00 RM0.10 $0.03
5 Water 66.00% 264 RM0.00 RM0.00 $0.00
Subtotal 416 RM1.07 $0.29
5 Bread Flour 70.00% 280 RM6.56 RM1.84 $0.50
6 Table Salt 2.00% 8.00 RM3.00 RM0.02 $0.01
7 Palm Oil 7.00% 28 RM3.60 RM0.10 $0.03
Subtotal 316 RM1.96 $0.53
Total 732 RM3.03 $0.82

The oven temperatire is 230C (446F) and bake for 25 minutes. If your dough has risen a lot then lessen the bake time to 20 minutes.


Video on how to bake a bread at home


You would have noticed that in the video above I had just patted the dough and folded it and placed it in the baking tin. In the next video I have use the rolling pin technique to make the crust smooth.


Using the same bread recipe as above I baked another loaf of bread.


Bread making video with the same bread dough recipe

This is a simple bread dough recipe and is easy to make bread with.

homemade bread recipes can be exciting to make and it can be challenge too. You will notice that if you change the brand of bread flour you may have to adjust the amount of water you use. Run a few experiments with 1% to 2% more or less water to see what suits your taste and bread flour.


I tried to keep the bread making process similar to the standard methods so I have two proofing stages in the videos. The first proof takes one hour and the second proof can be one to two hours. If I am feeling lazy I only have the first proof and proof the dough in the baking tin. After the dough has risen sufficiently I bake it.


You will notice that after using the rolling pin the bread did not shrink in the oven in the second video. In the first video, I had not done any kneading or stretched the dough with a rolling pin and the dough did shrink a little when baking. You can see it drop in height in the video.


These breads can last up to 5 days at room temperature. In Malaysia room temperature is about 28C (82.4F) to 32C (89.6F) which is quite hot and encourages fungal growth. The bread will not go stale / fry if wrapped in plastic instead of the towel shown in the video. I have shown that it is possible to make bread that lasts for 7 to 8 days at room temperature.


This article on “how to make white bread with homemade no kneading recipe” was researched and written by Peter Achutha – 05 May 2015



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