easy way to mash hard boiled eggs

mashed hard boiled eggs

a bowl of mashed hard boiled eggs
I never thought that the day would come when I would be eating two boiled eggs for breakfast everyday. As a result I thought that there must be an easier way to mash the eggs. This was because when I was using a spoon the whites would slip all over the bowl and it took a much longer time to mash the eggs.


Choose your eggs

If you need to have hard boiled eggs select eggs that have been on the shelf for a longer time. The aging on the shelves will make them easier to peel after boiling. Fresh eggs are more difficult to peel as the skin sticks to the egg white tightly.


Video on mashing boiled eggs

I found out that using a knife to slice the eggs up was much easier then a fork or spoon to mash the eggs.

A variety of ingerdients

You can add a variety of ingredients to mashed eggs to make them delicious. Personally I add salt, plenty of pepper and virgin olive oil. You could add Parmesan cheese, chilies, garlic, bacon bits, mayonnaise or you whatever fancy.

Bon appetit



– Peter Achutha, 27th December 2016

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