delicious garlic chili sauce with apple cider vinegar

How to make garlic chili sauce using apple cider vinegar


homemade garlic chili sauce


Years ago I had seen many types of chili sauces being made on TV shows from Nik Michale Imran’s shows to Gary Mehigan Chili Sauce recipes. I wondered if I could make a chilli sauce as delicious as theirs. After years of trials, errors and failures, yesterday morning as I got out of bed I had an eureka moment. All those ideas just clicked together into a vision of an awesome God’s gift. A miracle of miracles. The splendor of the culinary universe robed in red.

That was how I came to make this delicious red garlic chili sauce.


Many types of chilies

There are many types of in the market which makes choosing chillies to make a chili sauce more difficult. I decided to categorize them into mild chilies and burning hot chilies. The burning hot chilies are for heat and the mild chilies are for the red colouring of the sauce.


Flavor of chili sauce

The flavor of the chili sauce comes from the combination of sugar and vinegar and the fruitiness of the chilies. Some may use palm sugar but I used normal cane sugar that you can buy in the supermarkets. Then again some of you may prefer a cheap vinegar which is usually white synthetic diluted acetic acid. I choose to use apple cider vinegar due to its healing properties.


Video of how to make homemade chili sauce


You will notice, in the video, that initially I had less apple cider vinegar and sugar but I added some more after tasting the blended mix. Do note I added a pinch of salt too to improve the flavour.


General red hot chili sauce recipe

I have worked a simple formula for you to follow or remember. For example the amount of garlic is 1/3 of the weight of chilies, the amount of sugar is half the weight of chilies, … etc.


Item Ingredients Percentage or Fraction Weight (g)
Chili Mix
1 Hot Chilies 10% 1/10 10
2 Mild Chilies 90% 9/10 90
Subtotal 100% 1 100
Other Ingredients
3 Garlic 33% 1/3 33
4 Apple Cider Vinegar 40% 4/10 40
5 Sugar 50% 1/2 50
6 Salt 1% 1/100 1
Subtotal 124
Total 224


Do adjust the amount of salt to suit your taste.


Adjusting the Chili burn

In this recipe I used chili pedas for 10% of the chilies. Chili Pedas is a very hot chili which is either grown locally in Malaysia or imported from Thailand. I have tried Australian Bird’s eye chilies and found them lacking in heat. I do not know if they are genuinely not hot or the local suppliers sold us some junk chilies.


The larger the chilies the milder it is so I have used some very large chilies for the red coloring of the chli sauce. You may find this sauce extremely hot, in which case reduce the amount of the small chili pedas or remove them altogether.

homemade red chili sauce

In the picture above, a previous experiment,  I did not add any mild chilies. You can observe that the blender did not crush all the seeds as there was not enough material in the blender to work properly and there is one chili that escaped the blades. It does show that the previous chili sauce was not as red in colour as the one in this recipe.


Delicious hot chili sauce

Honestly, I could not believe how much I could eat when I put a dab of this chili sauce on my plate for dinner. I actually ate 3 times more thosai’s then I would normally eat.

Burn Chilies Burn


This article on “delicious garlic chili sauce with apple cider vinegar” was researched and written by Peter Achutha, 10 November 2017.

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