delicious easy desert real homemade durian jelly recipe

delicious simple and easy durian jelly desert

real durian jelly

After making the durian jelly by the cheats method I was passing by SS2, Petaling Jaya, when I noticed the new location of the durian stalls. The durian smell or aroma was woderful and brought back memories of eating durian when I was a kid in Kuantan. Durian flesh is almost like a custard, soft and pliable and smooth. The durian taste is unmistakable and really really delicious. Unfortunately, durian prices have been becoming too expensive for broke people like me so I thought I should try my had at making real durian jelly.

 Durian jelly recipe

Honestly, I did not expect to make another durian recipe that quickly, especially a durian jelly recipe after the cheats method of durian jelly I had done previously. The craving was there to make a real durian jelly that would be cheaper than eating real durians so I gave it another try and I think this durian recipe is very much easier to make than the durian creme caramel I had done previously.


Real Durian Jelly Recipe
Item Description Percentage Qty (g) RM/kg RM US$
1 Water 100.00% 450
Total 100.00% 450
Gelatine solution
2 Gelatine 3.30% 15 RM35.20 RM0.53 $0.14
3 Water 25.00% 113 RM0.00 RM0.00 $0.00
Subtotal 128 RM0.53 $0.14
Final Jelly Mix
4 Water 100.0% 450 RM35.20 RM15.84 $4.17
5 Sugar 17.00% 77 RM4.00 RM0.31 $0.08
6 Durian D24 XO flesh 41.0% 185 RM82.00 RM15.17 $3.99
Subtotal 712 RM31.32 $8.24
Total 840 RM31.85 $8.38


You can increase the amount of durian flesh you use in the recipe and it would make it even more delicious.


The video on making durian jelly at home

Do watch the video. I have edited the video so that it is less then 15 minutes or else I would not upload into Youtube.

 Simply delicious jelly

Now that you know how to make simply delicious durian jelly you should rush out and get some durians and make some jelly. Try this recipe with the more expensive durian varieties like Musang King and Raja Kunyit. I had used durian 24 but you could try Durian 101 or even kampung durians.


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