chia seed santan coconut milk cherry fruit pudding

chia seed santan cherry pudding

chia seed santan cherry pudding
Chia seeds are high in fiber and are good for health. Here I have made a chia seed santan cherry pudding.

Chia seed coconut milk pudding

Actually, I was runniing experiments with cherries due to my diabetic condition and by accident I saw Dr. Mercola’s chia seed pudding. I had bought a whole kilo of chia seeds a couple of months ago and was planning to try them out as a source of fiber but I kept forgetting about them. In the meantime I was already testing out coconut milk (or santan as it is called in South East Asia) for my joint pains. More about santan in another article.

Then when I saw Dr. Mercola’s article on chia seed recipe I decided to try a modified version of his recipe – wthout the strawberries and without the milk and honey. I can tell you now that chia seeds are full of fiber.


Chia seeds healh benefits

Many authors have written about the health benefits of chia seeds so I will not repeat what they have mentioned. Some of the articles on chia seeds are:-




Chia seed santan cherry recipe

1.  Chia seeds  – 50g

2. Santan (coconut milk)  –  150g

3. Cherries  – 10

4. Sugar  – 3 teaspoons

Do allow the chia seeds to soak in the coconut milk for at least 10 minutes if not longer. Wait for the seeds to turn from black to gray as they swell and soak up the coconut milk. This is because you do not want the chia seeds to swell in your throat or gut and form a blockage there.

The ratio of chia seeds to santan should be at least 1:3. That is at least 3 times as much santan as chia seeds. Dr. Mercola added some more milk. You could use yogurt but do note that yogurt is only two thirds (2/3) liquid so you would need to add additional yogurt or add 1/3 more water or milk to your recipe if you choose to use yogurt.



Video on making chia seed santan cherry recipe


Use other fruits instead of cherries

I tell you that I am not the one who can eat the same stuff everyday, day in and day out. Since I had a lot of cherries I decided to try this recipe with cherries. You can try this pudding with other fruits such as mangoes, pineapples, other berries, lychees, … whatever takes your fancy. Dr. Mercola used strawberries.


I found it beneficial towards my gut but if I was not diabetic I would definitely added more sugar too the recipe.


This article on chia seed santan cherry pudding recipe was researched and written by Peter Achutha, 24th March 2014




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