The cheats method of making pulut gula melaka sweet desert

Delicious Pulut Gula Melaka made with the cheats method

sweet sticky gula melaka pulut rice desert
This is sort of a South East Asian sticky sweet rice pudding using glutinous rice. It is an easy simple desert as there are very few ingredients and its steamed instead of baking.

To be honest with you I had always like the Pulut Gula Melaka or Wajik. So one day tried to make it the lazy cheats method. And the video is just that the cheats method of making the pulut gula melaka sweet desert.


Why I used the cheat method for this sweet desert

Actually, I was concerned about the shelf life of the sweet pulut when coconut milk or santan is used. It was for this reason I used coconut flavouring as this is easily available in the baking ingredient shops.


Wajik recipe

This is the recipe I have used in the video. You can increase the amount of Gula Melaka if you like. Do use less water when making the Gula Melaka Syrup.

Gula Melaka Pulut Rice Sweet Desert

Item Description Percentage Weight (g)
1 Pulut Rice 250
Other Ingredients
2 Sugar 20% 50
3 Brown Colouring 2% 5
4 Coconut Flavouring 3% 8
5 Salt 1% 3
Gula Melaka Syrup
5 Sugar 11% 28
6 Gula Melaka or Palm Sugar 35% 88
7 Water 40% 100

I do work with percentages as if I needed to make larger quantities all the measurements will work out correctly.



The pulut gula melaka video

Having watched the video on making pulut gula melaka the cheats method, I would suggest that either use a little less water when making the gula melaka syrup so that it will take less time and this reduces the water content during steaming of the pulut rice. This is make it easier to slice the finished desert. The other option you have is to reduce the second steaming time to 15 to 20 minutes as less steaming will lessen the steam condensing into the pulut rice.


It is reasonably delicious and if I had increased the gula melaka content I think it would have been like a exotic sweet sticky rice dish.


This article on the cheats method of making gula melaka pulut desert was researched and written by Peter Achutha, 12th August 2015

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